Buildbot 0.9.11

I am very happy to announce Buildbot 0.9.11

This month activity raised a bit more after the relative July quiet period. We got 55 merged Pull Request and 60 active issues in Github.

The Release Notes shows the details of the changes. Nothing big and life changing this month, but lots of small improvements that will enhance your bots and hopefully please your devs.

mandatory memegenerator illustration

GridView plugin was improved and is now correctly installed by

pip install 'buildbot[bundle]'

DockerLatentWorker now pulls its configured image if it is not yet available in the docker host.

LdapUserInfoProvider is now up to 30x faster thanks to the transition to the ldap3 library.

Some REST api queries has been enhanced.

As always, thanks a lot to our contributors of the month!

% git shortlog --no-merges -ns v0.9.11...v0.9.10
    34  Pierre Tardy
19 Craig Rodrigues
14 Iblis Lin
12 Aki Tuomi
10 Jan Marker
8 Edmund Wong
8 Remy Protat
8 Robin Jarry
6 Jonny Yu
6 Tim Bradt
5 Vit
4 sphet
4 Trevor Hook
3 Chris Hubbard
3 Michael Reinhardt
2 Paulo Matos
2 Jason Kenny
2 Vit Ry
2 jonnyyu
1 Alan Somers
1 Per Hermansson
1 Ben Boeckel
1 Pavol Misik
1 Christian Wenk
1 John Kristensen