Buildbot 0.9.12

I am pleased to announce the release of Buildbot 0.9.12

This month’s highlight is that this is the first version where python2 and python3 can talk together, as Buildbot worker and master.

Lot of work have been done by Craig Rodrigues to make sure that the master is able to understand all strings which come from a worker, whether they are byte strings or unicode strings. As we try to be compatible with older version of the workers (including buildbot-slave 0.8.12), we need to be quite flexible at accepting either format, and automatically translate from one to another so that most of the code in the master is manipulating unicode strings.


Important bugfixes have also been merged during this month, the details can be found as usual in the release notes

An important feature worth noting for this month is the ability to create a force scheduler where the user can specify a file. Before the user could copy paste a text file via a TextParameter, now he can just point his browser to it. An important use case for that feature is the possibility to send a patch to the system, which is the first step to re-implement the Buildbot try utility using the REST api, rather than the perspective broker ad-hoc RPC.

As always thanks to our contributors for this month! Congrats to Craig beating me as the busiest developer!

0 % git shortlog --no-merges -ns v0.9.12...v0.9.11
40 Craig Rodrigues
22 Pierre Tardy
11 Tim Bradt
2 Will Lovett
2 Massimo Scamarcia
2 Aki Tuomi
1 Vit
1 Vit Ry
1 Yohann Leon
1 egirault
1 eshizhan
1 lancelodliu
1 Peter Wu
1 Edmund Wong
1 Ramkumar Ramachandra
1 Rene Cunningham