Buildbot 0.9.13

I am pleased to announce the release of Buildbot 0.9.13.

This month has been pretty quiet. We still have a few things I want to highlight.

  • We fixed a number of issues related to python3 support. Despite our wide unit tests coverage, we had an issue where both tests and code was wrong using native strings, while python3 is using bytes. That is now fixed, and we now ensure that the fakes simulating Twisted http stack are correctly always producing bytes as the read Twisted.
  • As people are continuing using Buildbot at large scales, we need to fix harder scalability issues. This month we fixed an issue people only see when there are more than 2000 requests pending on a master. In that case, some buildrequests would never be scheduled even if there are workers available. That problem is now fixed, and we now ensure that all pending builders are considered before trying to re-sort builders by priority.
  • Python 2.6 support has been dropped for the worker package. People dealing with older system can still install buildbot-worker 0.9.12. We will continue to ensure backward compatibility with this version for an indeterminate time. This changes is because we need Twisted > 16 in order to implement SSL encryption for the worker to master protocol.

We also have a few features and bug fixes, you can find all the details as usual in the release notes.

The roadmap to 1.0 is making progress, we only have two standing feature which are regression from 0.8.x, which we want to implement before releasing.

Kudos to the contributors of the month. We appreciate your work!

0 % git shortlog --no-merges -ns v0.9.13...v0.9.12
19 Craig Rodrigues
11 Pierre Tardy
9 Povilas Kanapickas
5 Anish Bhatt
3 Nikita Melentev
2 Aki Tuomi
2 Christopher J. Morrone
2 Tim Bradt
1 Maciej Dems
1 Pavol Mišík
1 Joerg Sonnenberger
1 Dustin J. Mitchell
1 Robin Jarry
1 Sean Kelly
1 Aurelien David
1 Tim Qi
1 Paulo Matos