Buildbot 0.9.8

I am pleased to announce that Buildbot 0.9.8 has been released.

Note that if you upgrade today and also upgrade Twisted, there is a regression in latest twisted with the mail reporter. Please make sure you stay with Twisted 17.1.0 if you use mail reporter.


This month, we have seen lots of new users discovering Buildbot. Lots of enthusiastic feedback on the flexibility of the renderables led to actual patches adding more renderability to Buildbot parameters. For example, NocOlour added some magic comparison methods to Property, and trefzer added renderability to doStepIf, so that you can now write:

Great collaborative work guys!

Virtual Builders

I also saw unexpectedly large interest in virtual builders we introduced in April. That is a simple idea, which opens up lots of new use cases. People like to have their Buildbot to be very dynamic. That is IMHO a good trend, and Buildbot can really shine on those high flexibility use cases.


Other notable improvements is for the Gitlab support. Even if Gitlab comes with its own CI system, it is important for some user to have greater control over their CI/CD tools, and Buildbot should support Gitlab should be at the same level as GitHub. The merge request reporting is not yet implemented, but this is something that should come with Buildbot 0.9.9.

Full details of changes can be found in the release notes.

As always kudos to our contributors for this month!

git shortlog --no-merges -ns v0.9.8...v0.9.7
42 Pierre Tardy
40 pyup-bot
11 remy
7 Peter Wu
5 Andrej Rode
5 Krzysztof Nazarewski
4 Remy Protat
4 Sean Kelly
3 skrchnavy
3 Maciej Dems
3 Vit Ry
3 Craig Rodrigues
3 Benedikt Trefzer
2 Sveto Krchnavy
2 Georges Racinet
1 Morten Linderud
1 Pedro Algarvio
1 Rustam Kashapov
1 matoturcin
1 Mike Alexeev