Buildbot 1.2.0

I am happy to announce the availability of Buildbot 1.2.0

This month Dan Kegel, long time community member was on fire, and contributed a bunch of fixes and improvements for the Gitlab workflows. He even contributed a sample master.cfg, for those who are not happy with gitlab-ci, and want to try Buildbot.

We also got a 10x improvement in the /api/v2/builders generation, which can largely speed up bigger setups. Thanks kfunk for the debug of this performance issue!

In the path to modernize our frontend out of CoffeeScript, Craig Rodrigues translated the end to end tests to TypeScript.

Also Force Scheduler parameter were improved, with the addition of an option for user to provide arbitrary text to a ChoiceStringParameter beyond the list of choices. You can now pass `strict=False`, and an text edit box will appear on top of the popup select. Another new option of force scheduler parameters is the ``autopopulate`` option, which allows to automatically change several parameters when one parameter change. This allows for example to have presets of your parameters according to the branch you select. An option that was requested by the Yocto Project for their new autobuilder, based on Buildbot Nine.

That is not an exaustive list! As usual you can refer to the Release Notes, which can also be found in GitHub Release Section.

Thanks to all our contributors!

git shortlog --no-merges -ns v1.2.0...v1.1.1
29 Craig Rodrigues
22 Pierre Tardy
9 Dan Kegel
5 Takashi Yoshi
3 Daniel Middlecote
2 Elvis Stansvik
2 Ermanno Attardo
2 Iain Buclaw
2 Zachary Ware
2 sphet
1 Aki Tuomi
1 Andreas Sommer
1 Andrej Rode
1 André Mateus Rodrigues Dantas
1 Georgy Komarov
1 Kevin Funk
1 Paul Barker
1 Rainer Müller
1 milonline-eu
1 peterboba