A.I.’s Implications for Cybersecurity

Apr 27, 2019 · 2 min read

Rarely a month or sometimes even a week goes by without hearing news of the latest cyberattack that hit a corporate network and put millions of customers’ information at risk. What’s even more alarming is cyberthreats against banking, government systems or essential infrastructure systems such as the nation’s electrical grid or transportation systems.

In addition, big governments are now emerging as players in cyberwars, adding to the fear of cyberattacks.

Cyberthreats are becoming more frequent and have a higher potential for wreaking havoc and putting personal/classified information and public safety at risk. In the war against cyberthreats, A.I. could be the answer for fighting these continuously evolving threats.

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Fighting Fire with Fire

A.I.-engineered cyber attacks are on the rise and will soon become the norm. It’s expected that there will be an epidemic of these attacks, as A.I. systems become capable of carrying out sophisticated social engineering attacks. The best way to fight back these attacks and keep them at bay is to use A.I. methods for cybersecurity.

Continually Processing and Analyzing

The use of A.I. and machine learning has been gaining traction as a way to continuously monitor systems. Being that these systems have the capability to continually process and analyze huge amounts of data, they are able to spot patterns, trends and anomalies. This also means discovering and identifying vulnerabilities and exploits as they occur to prevent further or more extensive attacks. An intelligent system might also take steps to isolate the problem or shut down critical systems to prevent the spread of an exploit.

A Valuable Asset for IT

Implementing A.I. cybersecurity involves a continued commitment to ensure its success. It’s not something that can be set in place and then forgotten. It needs continued human interaction in order to keep learning and improving its analytical methods, for example correction of false positives or updated data on cyberthreats.

When applied carefully, however, machine learning and A.I. technology is a valuable asset for preventing cyberattacks, as these systems will continue to learn and improve through constant data analysis that IT teams are not capable of managing. A.I. can indeed be a game-changer in cybersecurity.

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