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Builders Recap #1 — The great Startup Studio puzzle

This has been the pivotal year for our startup studio. The year was filled with learnings and progress, which all contributed to our current state. Innovation can take a multitude of forms, one thing is for sure its not a paved road to success.

Standing at the tipping point

As a 5-year old startup studio, we’ve learned a lot in the past few years, and 2019 was the year full of clarity and concreteness. While our portfolio companies, Influentials​ and IPS​ showed some excellent progress, a big part of our year was planning for the next five years. We’ve put some steps forward in our maturity and laying a better foundation to gain momentum in this new decade. Starting in 2020, we’ll build our next ten tech companies within five years. Just like our prior portfolio companies, these startups will all contribute to enhancing life at work. Before this post becomes a future-focused manifest full of excitement, we will look back at a few learnings and actions we’ve taken in 2019.

The search for founders

Since finding the right founders for our startup opportunities stays a game of the right timing and momentum, we started our founder network. This is a network of qualified, proven founders who’ll one day join us on our mission to transform great ideas into thriving tech companies. Through this network, we’ll share knowledge, updates on our progress and new founder opportunities. Starting in 2020, we will also host exclusive founder events, including ideation sessions and dinner parties.

Growing our studio team

As we continue to grow our team, we put great effort in creating a great workplace. A workplace that supports a culture where people genuinely want to be part of and can grow towards their full potential and even beyond. By bringing together people from different backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures, this is not something that comes naturally. Yet our entire team operates by happy and hungry vibes, meaning people enjoy their work and are continually looking to get challenged. This is something that we can only celebrate and foster. In 2020 we hope to continue this trend and connect with more like-minded and talented individuals.

Joining the GSSN community

In a nutshell, in 2019, we’ve laid a better foundation for this exciting new decade. More pieces of the startup studio puzzle are falling into place and starting 2020 we’ll make some big things happen. First is the launch of our next startup, and more developments will follow soon. Keep an eye on us; great things are coming. For now, best wishes and may you enjoy 2020 to the fullest!

Michael van Lier

Managing Director at Builders

Builders is a Rotterdam based startup studio, launching sophisticated tech startups from studio-led ideation. We partner with exceptional founders to build value-driven tech companies for life at work. To learn more, visit​.