This is not a talk.

This is a union meeting.

Stephen Bau
Feb 26, 2020 · 2 min read

The world is working exactly as we designed it.

For the past couple of decades, the tech companies of Silicon Valley (and beyond) have run unchecked, causing havoc, destroying civil discourse, democracy, ruining personal relationships, running marketplaces of harassment and abuse, all to line their pockets. The very worst part is that they did it with our labor.

This isn’t a talk, this is a union meeting.

— Mike Monteiro

Seven years ago, I stopped. I went on strike. I refused to contribute my labour to the corporate takeover of the design and technology industry.

And I have paid for it.

I took opportunities as I could to teach the next generation what they were being trained for. You need to understand how the system works and build the skills and knowledge necessary to do the job of design. But you also have to understand that the system is designed for exploitation. You need to question why we are building what we are building. What is at the root of it all?

As I did my own research and learned about what this economic system was serving, I grew in my resolve to do something different. It started with trying to understand myself better by understanding how my identity was formed by the social, the economic, and the political environment in this particular geographic context, on stolen land, on a myth, on a fiction.

What are we building?

“…many atrocities the world over were not only the ideas of singular evil men. They were supported and enacted by systems, by groups of people who woke up in the morning and went to offices to work on it.”

Building a Resilient Society

I choose to build something different: a creative, collaborative community.

We are all designers. Design for resilience.

Builders Collective

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