Uniclass 2015 classification in CSV format

Uniclass 2015 is a unified classification for the construction industry published by NBS. Uniclass 2015 is divided into a set of tables which can be used to categorize information for costing, briefing, CAD layering, etc. as well as when preparing specifications or other production documents.

The current status of the Uniclass 2015 classification tables. Snapshot: NBS.
Uniclass 2015 — Complexes, Entities, Spaces/Locations and Activities tables. Image: NBS.
Uniclass 2015 — Entities, Elements/Functions, Systems and Products tables. Image: NBS.

These tables are also suitable for buildings and other assets in use, and maintaining asset management and facilities management information.

NBS publishes Uniclass 2015 classification tables in Excel format. Buildig converted Uniclass 2015 into CSV format and released in GitHub for easier usage in a software development process: https://github.com/buildig/uniclass-2015. Latest release can be found here. Converting script is also included in /util/convert.sh (requires in2csv).

Using CSV format and GitHub versioning capabilities makes tracking changes easier, here is the full changelog between January 25, 2017 and April 26, 2017 versions, for example: https://github.com/buildig/uniclass-2015/commit/dce7393949d6d65e0ce41ecc56aa1428cd507d8f

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