How we designed filters for our B2B Product

Alok Dubey
Feb 20 · 7 min read

Not all products are made for ordinary masses!

This our story where we learned this lesson the hard way. Our story starts with a task in hand — ‘design filters for applications page on our partner platform.’ Partner platform represents the B2B side of Aasaanjobs’ products. Products where users are pretty much expert in what they do.

A Bit Overview of our Product

Our products majorly revolve around 3 major stakeholders:

  1. Employer
    Company HRs, Recruiters who hire the candidate from or platform.
  2. Partner
    Placement Agencies who bridge the gap between employers & candidates.
Aasaanjobs stakeholder’s

Daily Workflow for a Partner:

  1. Source relevant candidates for different jobs & create their applications on the platform.
  2. Book the interview slot for their candidates once the slot becomes available by the employer.
  3. Lineup candidates for the interview. Follow up with the candidates before the interview.
  4. Check with the candidates for interview attendance.
  5. Track the candidates who are joining/not joining the company after the successful interview.

Issues with Older Versions of Application Filters:

Filters on the old platform — pretty much out of sight of the users
  1. Partners were unable to find out how many of their candidates are joining the company post the interview. Which directly affected their payout.
  2. Partners were not able to book the interview for their candidates, because it was not easy to filter out the applicants based on the availability of interview slots.
  3. New partners were not able to understand the work cycle. So their work efficiency was very low.
  4. They were not able to find out the application based upon who has created the application.

So, how did we fix it?

Now our goal was to redesign filters to improve efficiency, better discovery and minimise the confusion. And like every design journey, we started off with extensive user research.

Survey, Interviews & lot of Data

We prepared a form to collect the partner’s experience, their pain points, their behaviour towards the recruitment industry. The whole intention behind the survey was to understand their work style.

A glimpse of our research

Things We Learned

  1. The success of B2B products depends upon when the users complete their journey from point A to Point B. Prime example of our platform will be if the Partner is not able to filter out that candidate application whose Interview slots are available. In that case, they won’t be able to schedule the interview which in the long run translate into the failure of the product.
  2. From the research result, we had our clear goal and it was to push the percentage of candidate attendance marking, candidate follow-up metrics higher.

New Solution

Latest filters of the Application Section
Job seeker journey bucket filters
Second layer filters
  • By showing all day to day usage filters upfront we made learning for our users real easy. Now even if we onboard a new partner, he/she would know that he/she can filter the applicants based upon the attendance, screening status, Interview dates.

Future Goals

By applying the above methods we certainly have pushed the bar. And now we are able to increase our filters’ performance by 2x. Since the design is a process of learning and iteration; we’re yet miles away from our destination.

Building Aasaanjobs

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Thanks to Vaibhav Bhalekar, Atul Nayyar, and Nikita Navral.

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Building Aasaanjobs

Stories from tech & design team at Aasaanjobs |