How to Take that First Step

The first step is always the hardest, but the most necessary step towards change. While it seems obvious and quite simple, one of the key differentiating factors that separate the doers from the dreamers is simple execution. They took the first step, and then a million more to chase their dreams so they would become reality.

There are a few reasons I have found why taking the first step is the hardest.

1. The first step is usually in complete darkness.

Unless you were born with acute awareness of your life goals and purpose, you, like most people, have formed them based on what society has told you they should be. You have experienced life enough to know it is hard and you don’t (and will never) know everything. So without likely acknowledging it, you have convinced yourself to take the easy route and listen to people who tell you they know more than you. You compromise, ever so slightly, but all along the way until you get to the a point where doing anything else scares the living shit out of you. When you are finally ready to let go and find your true self and aspirations, they seem so far away and crazy from what you have been doing your whole life that you literally cannot see to take that first step. It is dark and slightly scary, but it is worth it. And the light will come.

2. The first step requires execution.

Speaking of society, it has also done a terrible job of telling us that if you want to be creative then you need to spend countless hours honing and crafting incredible ideas. You need to find that one unique thing in the world that no one else would ever dream of before you have something that is creative enough to share. Bullshit. Having ideas is worthless without execution. You do have something unique to offer, but you won’t truly find that until you start doing something. You have to find your voice by singing; you have to practice to get better. Everyone has ideas; few take the steps to make the things they imagine. It’s only a good idea if it realized; otherwise, it is worthless. There is a reason VCs invest in people not ideas. Anyone can have an idea; it’s the people that can execute it that make it valuable.

3. The first step is never the destination.

If it was that easy, it would be pointless. The journey matters more than the destination. It is supposed to be hard. It is supposed to be confusing at times. And it is absolutely worth it. The first step is never the last and you don’t want it to be. Your path will change a million times and you will need it to. The first idea that you chase will not be the most perfect one. It will evolve and so will you. All necessary things that will happen only after you take the first step. You have to make mistakes to grow and you have to walk to run. It’s a marathon.

So stop making excuses of why it’s so hard because here’s the thing about taking that first step — you have momentum to take another and then another and then another. The first few steps, maybe even miles, will be in silence and maybe complete darkness. And you have to be the only one pushing you to go forward. But as you gain miles and momentum, you will gain supporters and cheerleaders along the way. Some days it will be tougher than others, but the destination will get clearer and the journey more incredible. You can do it. It is worth it.