Dan Nolan
Dan Nolan
Aug 14 · 2 min read

Hey there! We’ve been working hard at ChainShot HQ and figured it’s time to give the community a look into the big picture we’ve got planned. In the last few months we’ve released two products that are pushing us towards our dream goal of having web-browser tutorials and challenges for everything from programming blockchain to full dApp development.

Curious as to where this is headed? Read on!

Content, Content, Content

Earlier this year we released our open-source Tutorial Builder IDE which has resulted in an explosion of content activity! ChainShot has 7 interactive coding tutorials and 17 code challenges. There are 7 new tutorials currently being worked on by the open-source community with some bountied thanks to Gitcoin!

Open Source tutorial content being built in front of our eyes!

ChainShot Classroom

All of the tutorials built above are immediately compatible with our latest product, just released this week: ChainShot Classroom. Soon, anyone will be able to lead an interactive classroom where student and teacher can work together and solve coding exercises. Teachers lead the classroom through a built-in RTC video connection and can use a whiteboard and chatroom to help teach concepts.

ChainShot Classroom: An interactive learning experience!

BUIDL Academy

We’re working on the idea behind an open-source Coding Bootcamp DAO called BUIDL Academy. It will combine the tutorials, challenges and interactive classroom to create a curriculum that students will be able to take at their own pace. We want to properly democratize the DAO and ensure that it gets kicked off in the right direction with the proper set of rules, so if that interests you please join the discussion!

We’re really excited about the next steps for ChainShot. It won’t be easy. With such a great community we’ll be sure to make it through. We couldn’t have made it this far without support especially from ETH Global, The Stable Fund, ETH Prize and Gitcoin! If anything about our mission excites you, please reach out! I will include some links and CTAs below :)

Want to Build your own Tutorial? ChainShot Builder

Want to join a Live Class? ChainShot Classes

Want to try a Tutorial/Challenge? Explore Away!

As always be sure to follow us on Twitter or check out our new YouTube channel which includes some cool videos like Proof of Work and Merkle Trees!

Building Blocks

Ready to start building decentralized applications? Check out www.chainshot.com

Dan Nolan

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Dan Nolan

Having fun building web applications

Building Blocks

Ready to start building decentralized applications? Check out www.chainshot.com

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