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3 min readNov 14, 2020


It’s time to remember, reconsider and reevaluate. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their lives, their loved ones, and their homes in Izmir due to the earthquake in the Aegean Sea and the tsunami it created.

116 people lost their lives…

1035 people were injured…

15,000 people were left homeless…

17 buildings collapsed…

414 buildings are reported to have been severely damaged by the earthquake, 32 of which are ordered to be demolished urgently…

Experts say aftershocks could last weeks…

We have been deeply saddened by the loss of life and destruction caused by the earthquake in Izmir. However, as time goes by, we start to forget; it’s human nature to forget. Therefore, we should remind ourselves that it isn’t over, and the people who are affected by the earthquake continue to suffer the effects of the disaster. At this point, Izmir needs our support, unity, and solidarity most.

Now is the time for us to come together once again to make an impact on the lives affected by the earthquake. If you would like to join us in helping the victims recover the effects of the devastating earthquake, you can make a donation by clicking on the links below:

Bridge to Turkiye Fund Izmir Earthquake Donations (Facebook)

Bridge to Turkiye Website Donation Form

Where does your donation go?

Bridge to Turkiye Fund is currently in contact with the AHBAP Organization, which is working relentlessly on site of the disaster. We were informed that food, clothes and other emergency supplies are being collected in large quantities in the earthquake zone. AHBAP is conducting field work in order to ensure that your donations are used in the most effective way. We will post more updates as new information comes in.

Thank you so much for your support!

Together, we are stronger.

Bridge to Turkiye Fund

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