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BTF Scholarships Changing Lives of Darüşşafaka Children

We previously reported that Bridge to Türkiye Fund (BTF) collaborates with 17 well-respected nonprofit organizations through which scholarships are given to university students, especially to those who are from underserved communities in Turkey. In this report, we will provide an update of our work through the BTF Friends of Darüşşafaka Society.

BTF Friends of Darüşşafaka Society scholarship project started in 2017 through a networking opportunity during a meeting between one of the BTF Boston Circle leaders and a colleague who is an alumnus of Darüssafaka School. Through this chance meeting, they developed a collaboration between BTF and the Darüssafaka Society, because both organizations share common values and mission in supporting educational opportunities for underprivileged youth. The Darüşşafaka Society is one of the oldest and prominent NGOs founded in 1863 and aims to provide equal opportunities in education through full scholarships given to gifted students (who have been orphaned) from primary school through university. Their mission aligns with BTF’s goal in partnering with local established NGOs who support educational projects. Many of the Darüşşafaka graduates have gone on to become physicians, lawyers, journalists, scientists, bankers, and artists, each who has a unique life story that was changed by education.

To date, this partnership has provided scholarships to 28 university students through the generosity of our supporters! We are grateful to the Darüşşafaka Society leaders who have helped us find students with high potential for success in contributing to the Turkish society. Scholarship recipients are currently studying at various universities in majors such as engineering, business administration, and medical sciences.

As part of this project, we supported a female university student, Ezgi, who participated in a study abroad program for her undergraduate degree in computer science at SUNY University, Buffalo. In a letter to BTF, Ezgi wrote:

“It has been a year since I shared my dreams with you. My first school year in the US was very challenging. It was a difficult year even exhausting some days, but at the end I finished it with a great success. I was able to get on the Dean’s List. Thanks to your support I felt stronger.”

Our goal is to continue to grow this program so that we can provide scholarships to more university students through the Darüşşafaka Society.

Please continue to follow us to learn more about BTF Empowerment Scholarships Program and join our cause to give the life-changing gift of education. To learn more about the Darüşşafaka Society, please visit:


Bridge to Türkiye Fund is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with IRS Tax ID of 58–2678580. 100 Fox Briar Lane, Cary, NC 27518



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