Feeding Your Soul

Warm simit, iced craft cupcakes, gourmet borek, baklava, French macarons, walnut bread, and the company of those who wanted to make a difference in the lives of girls a world away...how could this Friday night in Chicago be any better? It was the first annual Nibble Night 4 a Cause in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, and even a cold, rainy rush hour couldn’t keep the crowd away when they heard Dough Dough was one of the sponsors and providers of delicious homemade simit, with delectable cupcakes from Velvet Dessert among the other tasty samples at Lakeview Kitchen & Market, 3109 N. Broadway, Chicago.

Over $1500 in donations were raised providing 65 boots and coats on this chilly Chicago night to warm the students who need protection on their way to school in Hakkari, Turkey. Chicago, you certainly do have big shoulders, and big hearts. You came, you ate, you gave!

Your kindness has helped us in building those bridges from Chicago to the underserved areas of Turkey, and we are so proud to continue this crucial work. Thanks to all the fabulous bakers, hosts, guests, and supporters of Bridge to Turkiye Fund Chicago. Your kindness knows no bounds, we are thankful for your generosity of spirit. Thank you for feeding your soul, and at the same time supporting local businesses and giving to students in need a world away.

By the way, for those unfamiliar with simit, sometimes referred to as the Turkish bagel, it is a must eat, and get there as Dough Dough bakes, they have a knack for disappearing rather quickly from the Lakeview Kitchen & Market, 3109 N. Broadway! Stop by to pick up delicious treats from their kitchen when you’re in Lakeview! Cheers to all who nibbled and who created the nibbles!