Giving Back By Improving Your Impact

Irmak Uzun, one of our youngest supporters doubles her impact with a company match from Starbucks!

Irmak, a day at work

There are many ways of giving back. People can contribute and touch lives by donating money and time. As many people already know, there is also another way to increase this impact while doing your daily job!

Irmak is the youngest BTF supporter who doubles her donations by requesting a company match!
She is studying at high school. This year, she is exited to make career plans for her future as it is the last year of high school and high time to make a decision about a good college among the options.
In the meantime, she continue with her part-time job at Starbucks like many other students.
What makes her a special young person? She believes in equal opportunities in education and is aware of the fact that not all students are as lucky as she is with their education.
Although the number of people who receive a good education in Turkey are quite low, Irmak still has hope and believes that everyone can do something to make it better.

Irmak is volunteering and donating to Bridge to Turkiye Fund to share her educational dreams with other college students in her home country, Turkiye.

She had the opportunity to show her passion in our BTF Cinema4aCause’17 event. 
Last year, Irmak was one of our volunteers in BTF Seattle Cinema4aCause event. Together with Beril Baykal, Esra Ozcubukcu, Azra Yildiz and Mehmet Uslu, they helped run the fundraising event. 
They became the voice of the girls who wants to continue with their education to establish a better future. They unite together to stand for equal education opportunities and fight against gender bias providing 13 students with full year scholarships as a result of the event!

Irmak matches her donations and volunteer hours at Starbucks. She is already providing a full-year scholarship for a girl! This is so amazing and inspiring!
Thanks Irmak!

Corporate matching gift programs are charitable giving programs created by corporations in which the company matches donations made by employees. You can double the impact of your donation by utilizing the matching gift programs that are in place at thousands of employers.

Volunteer grant programs, also known as “Dollars for Doers” programs, are charitable giving programs setup by corporations in which the company provides a monetary donation to eligible nonprofits as a way to recognize employees who volunteer. If you volunteer with and work for a company with a volunteer grant program, you can request a grant for Bridge to Türkiye.

You can take a look at here to see if your company matches the donations to Bridge To Turkiye Fund:

Companies that match donations to BTF
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