Happy Holidays from Bridge to Turkiye Fund…

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” — Kathy Calvin

Would you like to deliver happiness to a village school during this holiday season?

We make it possible by delivering much needed school supplies to village schools every semester since 2004.

This year the semester started fast and got busy after a long year being distrupted with so many school closures due to the pandemic. We have been sending educational sets to village schools since the beginning of 2021–22 school year which we will continue to do so until the end of the school year in June.

BTF Art4Kids

Before the Fall semester ends in Turkey, we already sent 16 sets of art supplies, 280 backpacks with school supplies inside, 6 sets of kindergarten level picture books, 11 sets of elementary level story books, 3 sets of middle school level story books and novellas, 703 personal dictonaries (Turkish-English-English-Turkish), 11 sets of educational toys, 10 sets of math games, 10 sets of musical instruments, 16 sets of lab supplies for science classes.

BTF Books4Kids

This is made possible by the support of our generous and trusting donors and volunteers who helped us touch the lives of so many students and teachers over the years. With their support, we are hoping to reach as many schools as we could in the rest of 2021–2022 school year…

BTF Backpacks4Kids

If you would like send one of our sets to a village school during holiday season, you could pick a set below and let us know by sending an e-mail to info@bridgetoturkiye.org

1. Arts4Kids — Kindergarten and Elementary School Set $250

2. Backpacks4Kids — $15 Each Backpack with school supplies

3. Books4Kids — Kindergarten Set $200 and Elementary School Set $300

4. Dictionaries4Kids — $4 Each Dictionary

5. Educational Toys4Kids — Kindergarten Set $500

6. Math4Kids — Elementary Set $400

7. Music4Kids — Elementary and Middle Schools Sets $500

8. Science4Kids — Elementary School Set $600 and Middle School Set $800

We wish you Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year with your loved ones:-)

BTF Science4Kids
BTF Dictionaries4Kids
BTF Math4Kids
BTF EducationalToys4Kids
BTF Music4Kids

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