Meet Arai, BTF’s youngest fundraiser for Rising4SyrianRefugeeChildren

Meet our youngest fundraiser, 2 year old Arai! Last month he celebrated his birthday and instead of gifts Arai’s family asked for donations to BTF’s Rising4SyrianRefugeeChildren Campaign.

We would like to say a huge thank you to him and his family for the hard work and the $1295 he has raised!

“The world is facing the worst refugee crisis since World War II. Children are the most vulnerable victims of the crisis. While children in the West have more than they can ever consume, refugee kids have lost almost everything. We are thankful for everything that Arai has and would like to help those children in need for his birthday.” — Demet Cabbar, Arai’s mother

There are about 2.5 million Syrian refugees in Turkey. Over 1 million are CHILDREN . Most of them live outside of the refugee camps, trying to make it in major cities and border towns. Most of them have lost at least one parent and work in factories or on the streets to help their families survive.

At this time, there is no prospect of returning home, no end in sight for the war. Without financial and social support, these refugee children have little to no opportunities for peace, prosperity, and stability in their lives. RISE NOW. DON’T LET SYRIAN REFUGEE CHILDREN BE THE LOST GENERATION!

We can help them achieve continuity in their education; gain back the years that they have lost and their self-confidence; and provide them with the tools for a better life.

Bridge to Turkiye Fund (BTF) team worked hard to bring you projects to help education of Syrian refugee children in Turkey. BTF projects are partnered with credible local NGO partners in Turkey led by dedicated and passionate individuals. 100% of your tax-exempt donations will have a DIRECT and IMMEDIATE impact. This is how your donation can help them:

For $50, you can provide backpacks for 3 kids: Refugee children left their schools, and education. Their desire to learn and grow continues. Each backpack includes a stationary kit so that children can continue their education restoring their dreams and hopes for the future. We are targeting to send 1000 backpacks in the first phase of this project.

For $100, you can sponsor a child for 6 months in language education & social development: Language is the enabler for social and cultural adaptation. When the Syrian kids learn Turkish, they will make new friends, take advantage of the available social services and will have more schooling options. In addition to acquiring language skills, the children will receive drama, drawing, photography workshops. The more support we get, more kids we enable and help build their self esteem for the future.

For $250, you can sponsor a Mother and 2 children for 3 months:Refugee moms, especially single moms, face the pressure to find work immediately. Acquiring Turkish speaking skills is critical for finding a job, increasing self reliance and ultimately supporting their family. The funding developed by this program will provide Turkish language courses for moms, and arts activities for their kids together under one program.

For more information about the campaign and program updates please visit — Giving a Chance to the syrian Refugee Children to be Kids Again

As the Syrian conflict enters its fifth year, we all need to remember children affected by the Syrian conflict are at risk of becoming ill, malnourished, abused, or exploited. With your support we will continue to work with our local NGO partners and offer programs to Syrian refugee children that will provide them a safe environment and a chance to play and go to school. Your contributions will help us to offer programs to the women who will need employment options in case of long-term displacement.

The need for help is urgent; and we depend on friends like you to make sure our programs can continue without interruption.

Visit Arai’s birthday giving page here. If you would like to raise money like Arai, then please contact BTF at info at