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Building Bridges

October 11th is the UN’s International Day of the Girl Child

2019 Theme — GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable

The World Conference on Women in 1995 marked the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action to advance the rights of women and girls. Twenty-five years later, the Platform for Action remains a powerful foundation for assessing progress on gender equality. This movement inspired The International Day of the Girl Child (IDCG) as a call to action so that every girl and woman around the world can realize her rights to live free from violence and child marriage, gain access to a quality education, and earn equal pay for equal work.

In the spirit of IDGC, your friends at Bridge to Turkiye Fund (BTF) would like to call your attention to the challenges and barriers many girls from around the world face as they try to receive an education. This is unfortunately true in our motherland Turkiye (Turkey), which is why we at BTF are committed to commemorating the day so that all girls in Turkey can receive a quality education and achieve their dreams.

You too can show your support and to take part in transforming a girl’s life! Come join us and imagine for a second…

§ a world where girls are offered the equal educational opportunities as boys are

§ a world where girls are not forced to get married at an early age; and they could live their childhood

§ a world where girls are not victims of gender-based violence

§ a world where girls are given the equal opportunity to reach their full potential

What a wonderful world it would be!

So, we invite you to partner with us in creating such a world! Because when you educate a girl, you can break cycles of poverty and illiteracy in just one generation. BTF is committed to supporting the most marginalized girls by eliminating economics as a barrier in getting an education in rural Turkey, because we believe girls are unstoppable when they are provided with an education! BTF has supported hundreds of projects in Turkey totaling over $3,900,000, benefiting underserved children, with focus on rural girls. To date, BTF has changed the lives of 3,515 children ($1,600,000 in total investment funds).

Big changes start small…You can become a sponsor, spread the word, and be a part of the change, because educating girls is smart for all of us!

For more information about IDGC, please visit:

For more information about BTF’s Empowerment Scholarships Program, please visit:

BTF is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with IRS Tax ID of 58–2678580. 100 Fox Briar Lane, Cary, NC 27518



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