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Do you believe science is real? Do you believe every child should have access to the facts, and to scientific exploration? Do you believe that a fourth grader in a rural village in Turkey should have the same access to learning that a child in suburban Chicago does? If you nodded your head to any of these questions, we invite you to be part of the best kind of science adventures, the kind that take place in real time, in actual classrooms, by students excited about science, and facts. and learning….and we couldn’t be happier to provide that through the Science-4-Kids program from Bridge to Türkiye Fund.

It’s an effort to encourage hands on, experiential learning in under served classrooms throughout Turkey, who might not otherwise have access to science equipment, or science at all. We’ve put together a wide-ranging, fact-based curriculum ranging from biology to ecology to electricity to anatomy to the solar system and everything in between. The hands-on projects allow the students to learn via observation, problem solving, listening to one another, perseverance and most of all, through critical thinking as they work their way through labs, exercises or partner activities. It is a curriculum intended to encourage the students to ingest the material in such a way to not only excite them about the subject matter, but encourage further study and create a love for science, and above all, for learning.

The importance of science as part of a holistic approach to education is understood in the United States and abroad, especially as STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) grows in popularity, however this endeavor is a more concerted effort to focus on science, with perhaps the intent to bring the other areas into the classroom in the future.

Thank you for considering coming on board and igniting a fire for learning across Turkey in the young learners as they discover the fun they can have with science, while building their critical thinking skills, their powers of observation, and problem- solving abilities. These, of course, are the basis for success for so many careers and future paths, it’s impossible to list all of those here. We would be delighted to have you aboard, as you join us to make a difference, a huge difference in the lives of so many young learners. You can send one kit to one school and that would send essentially the curriculum with it.

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Contact information: Science4Kids@bridgetoturkiye.org

Website: https://www.bridgetoturkiye.org

Let them know how you value education, all the way from your neighborhood to theirs, showing how you care through science- Science4Kids!

Science is real! Lets spread the love of Science…