The Final Climb of an Extraordinary Blind Man

His bold vision gives courage and hope for the next generation of blind children…

An extraordinary dream from an extraordinary man

Necdet Turhan is a blind adventurer and athlete who finished 5 marathons & climbed 4 mountains. And he has 1 last climb to see his life-long dream come true. Soon, in Feb 2017 in Australia — Mount Kosciuszko. In partnership with Bridge to Turkiye Fund (BTF), Necdet is climbing & rising for a cause near to his heart, to create an education fund for the blind children & youth.

Necdet Turhan had lost his eyesight due to an injury when he was in high school. He continued to explore the world, stayed social and his blindness didn’t stop him from being who he is, exploring, taking on new tasks and chores without fear. He adapted to the new normal without losing his curiosity. Growing up, and maybe more after his blindness, he felt connected to the outdoors, the nature & the mountains where he found his center, calmness and the world’s beauty. He joined the mountain climbing club in the university as a way to continue his outdoor passion. Necdet completed his college education with honors in 1994 at Middle East Technical University, one of the most prominent public universities in Turkey. In 2002, he built an extraordinary dream of becoming an adventurous athlete, climbing highest mountains, and running in marathons in 5 continents. Right at the outset, people said he couldn’t do it, discouraged him to take these type of safety risks. Has he stopped? No…He followed his dream against all odds, found simple solutions on how to become more independent, and he accomplished a lot through his dream journey, setting new standards for himself. He has impacted his generation and the next in a courageous way to follow-on.

At his last climb in Australia, the goal he set high for himself, with your support & partnership with Bridge to Turkiye Fund, he is creating the voice and the global awareness to address the education & enrichment gaps of the blind children and youth. His seeking your social and financial support to achieve his goal in a big way.

The education facts we would like to change….

* 12% of the Turkish population is disabled including visually impaired/blind. There are 202,211 children in a total disabled population of 9,3 million

* Only, 9 % of the disabled children is getting an education or currently schooled vs. 90% population norm.

* This ratio is much severe for the blind, only 2.5% is getting an opportunity to go to school — getting special education and accessing the special tools to learn, and to grow with the confidence & skills to build an independent life.

Join our Cause for the blind children to build a life on their own, to become more independent, to have the confidence to take new courageous steps that we take granted, new learnings. We in BTF believe that their future depends on literacy, going to school gaining critical life-skills to overcome their personal fears, and challenges in the society…

Join us below, build your cause team to deliver happiness to many underprivileged blind children & youth for a better future…

Rising Together for the Blind Kids, #Braille4Kids, #Opportunity4TheBlind

Bridge to Türkiye Fund (BTF) is a US based, volunteer run, charitable non-profit, 501©(3) organization.