We Align Well with BTF Giving Back Culture and Spread Happiness with Our Celebrations!

Cool Things Happening Here in Seattle!

During 2016–2017 education year, we celebrated out most precious and happy moments by getting together with friends and creating an opportunity to give back to our country to support education. We believe happiness grows when we share and spread. We aligning with the giving back culture uniting the community for the same purpose of supporting education for underprivileged students and light their path.

We started with Mine’s BabyShower4aCause in October. Being exacted to welcome their little family member, Mert, they chose to celebrate this by sending gifts to Mine’s school in childhood with these words:

“Every expectant parent around the world shares all the same hopes and dreams for their children as we do. Yet, many do not share the same opportunities. We would like to share our joy with other children of this world.”

Kids in Kislacik School learn and enjoy with the Kindergarten books and educational toy set we sent. We also completed a special Adopt-a-Teacher project with Ms. Pelin by supplying a camera system for the school with a buget of $1,250.

Sevgi & Fatma, two like minded best friends already involved into giving back culture for their community by celebrating their birthday together. This year they wanted to enable students who are passionate for math by providing scholarship for their 2 week camp in Nesin Math Village through BTF. They encourage their friends to donate instead of birthday presents this time for education. With their valuable contribution, we are able to create funds and send $1,200 to Nesin Math Village!

All kids deserve to have the equal opportunities, be happy and get a good education in this world. Having this in mind, Kaan’s friends get together to enhance and challenge their creativity in lego projects and give back to the school kids in Turkiye by providing educational toys, books, boots. My friend Yasemin Yildiz and her family sincerely helped me a lot in getting ready and hosting the event. Together we made a difference!

Bilgi Elementary School Catak/Van
Karakuyu Elemetary School Kiziltepe/Mardin

We spread the smile and hope about 100 kids in Turkiye and let them celebrate April 23th so happily with gifts. It was very meaningful call for action from the family:

“At Defne Deniz’s 2nd Birthday, we decided to collect fund for underprivileged kids in Turkiye within BTF 4Kids Programs.
It might be easier to change the world, especially right before the joy of the April 23th Children’s Festival
Let one more kid smile.
Let one more kid go to school without getting wet.
Let one more kid to go school without barefoot.
Let one more kid have books, read them, enlighten herself and enlighten the world.
Let one more kid win!”
Cavuslar Elementary School Dortdivan/Bolu — Mevlutlu Elementary School Salihli/Manisa

There times we lose hope and courage when we lose the life worthy fights feeling responsible for the promises we gave by saying everything is going to be better…

The best way to gain hope again and cheer up is to have the people we love around. I wanted to be with my friends and pass my hearth-filled thanks for all their support for the same dream for equal opportunities for kid’s education. It was wonderful and special to see your sincere, friendly smile on my birthday.

What makes it even more special is the best birthday surprise ever, my friend Yasemin Yildiz organized a surprise fundraiser and encourage everyone to make donations to BTF! Together we sponsor a college student for a full year scholarship through Cagdas Yasami Destekleme Dernegi.

Nokta, like many of our friends, believes in the power of education. She effectively called for action to her friends on Facebook fundraiser for her birthday and collected funds to provide full-year scholarship for 3 girls through Samsun Cagdas Yasami Destekleme Dernegi!

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