Say Hello to New Circle Connections!

Use Amazon Alexa and IFTTT with Your Circle

Earlier this year we introduced Circle Connections with Chores, in partnership with FamilyTech’s app suite. Now, we’re releasing the next set of tools for your family to use alongside Circle: Assistant (with Amazon Alexa), and Automation (with IFTTT). With these connections, you can use your voice to conveniently access your family’s Usage information and unlock new possibilities with Circle.

Alexa, meet Circle

With Circle’s Assistant connection, you can use your voice and any Alexa-enabled device to find out about your family’s time online. Ask Circle when your BedTime kicks in, or how much online time you have left for Social Media, or how much time you’ve already spent on Netflix. With the Alexa Skill from Circle, everybody in the family can find out about their Internet usage and make the most of their time online.

Let’s say your youngest son, Grant, wants to know how much time online he has left before his Time Limits run out and his BedTime kicks in. All that he has to say is, “Alexa, ask Circle, ‘How much time does Grant have left online tonight?’” Then, Alexa responds, “Grant has one hour of online time remaining.” Then, Grant would say, “Alexa, ask Circle, ‘When is Grant’s BedTime tonight?’” And Alexa will tell him, “Grant’s BedTime starts at 9 PM.” Now Grant knows his remaining time online and his BedTime!

Learn more about our new Assistant Connection.

The Smart Home Meets the Smart Family

The Automation connection makes it easier than ever to tailor your Circle experience to your family’s devices and services. “If This Then That” (or simply, “IFTTT”) is an incredible tool for connecting your current ecosystem of apps and devices to your family’s Circle. Now your daily activities, like posting to social medIa, driving your smart car, or going to the gym, can trigger Circle features like sending Rewards and Pausing the Internet.

To get you started with our Automation Connection we built a suite of applets on IFTTT which you can simply turn on. One example is: “Unlock more online time when you meet your daily exercise goal,” this applet connects your FitBit to a Circle Reward. When your daily step goal is achieved, the applet triggers a Circle Reward for extra screen time for the duration of the day. You can also build your own applets with IFTTT’s easy tools, so it’s easy to dream up all kinds of new uses for your family’s Circle.

IFTTT also offers simple button widgets for your smartphone or smartwatch. So, with the tap of your finger, you can trigger all sorts of Circle features. Add a Pause or Unpause action to your watch, so you can Pause the Internet for individual profiles or your whole family right from your wrist! These widgets can also be accessed on your smartphone’s widget platform. For example, on an iPhone, just swipe left on your home screen, find your IFTTT widget, and activate any applet you choose just by tapping on it.

Learn more about Circle’s new Automation Connection.

Update your Circle app in the App Store or Google Play Store to start using our new Assistant Connection and Automation Connection.

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