Circle Home 1.3.2

We’re right in the middle of summer and we have been busy. Our Portland team just recently moved into a great new office to allow us to keep growing our team and developing Circle, but we didn’t let this big move stop our team from working on Circle.

The last two months we’ve been fine tuning our roadmap to release some amazing new features this fall, but for this update we wanted to focus on the stability of our Circle Home app and add a small, but highly requested new feature.

These updates will set us all up well for what’s to come this fall… 😊

Touch ID

When we initially launched Circle we knew that we’d have to think through all kinds of methods that kids would use to get around Circle: we added a battery so it couldn’t be unplugged, we set up notifications to alert parents, and it didn’t take long before we needed to add a passcode to the Circle Home app. With today’s update, in addition to being able to set a Passcode, you can now use Touch ID on iOS devices to unlock the Circle Home app.

Update your Circle Home app in the App Store today and enable it by tapping “Manage” then “Lock Code” and toggle “Enable Touch ID” on.

App Load Time & Stability

The last thing parents want is to be waiting on an app to load when they’re in need of making changes to Circle, or heading straight for that Pause button. The development team has put some great effort into drastically improving how fast the Circle Home app will load & connect to your Circle. They’ve also fixed a couple bugs we had, and made some various updates to improve your daily experience with our app.

As always, if you need any assistance, have any questions or just wanna chat, our wonderful Support Team is here for you.
You can call our Support Team at 1–855–498–7879, or email our Support Team at
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