Git2Go 1.5 with great support for cross-app productivity is live in the App Store

Our first update of 2016 has been approved and it contains a bunch of very powerful and cool features, many of you have requested since we launched:

  • Plenty of you have asked for it, and we’re beyond proud to deliver it: Document Provider Extension — e.g. ‘Open from …’ in Byword, Ulysses, Texttastic etc. which lets you modify files in place!
  • ‘Copy to Git2Go’ is now available from all apps which handle files, for a seamless Git workflow on your iPhone and iPad!
  • You have a super important file stored in Transmit but somehow need to get it into the master branch? Fear no more! From now on, you can import all the files from other document providers via the Files view into Git2Go!
  • Commit those yummy cake pictures from your last birthday party to the ‘#winning’ branch by importing them directly from your photos!
  • Renaming files has never been easier — Because it’s now possible with a tap on the navigation bar.
  • Oh, and the GitHub Enterprise integration should now behave as it’s intended to.

We hope you like this update as much as we do. If so, feel free to shout it out to your friends and tell us your feelings on Twitter — We’re @Git2Go and just can’t get enough of your feedback!

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