Git2Go’s 2015 sales numbers

While Git2Go has only been available in the App Store for 66 days in 2015, Piet and I also wanted to share what we’ve accomplished so far with our vision of re-imagining mobile productivity with Git.

Git2Go is a free app and contains 3 different in-app purchases:

  • Git2Go Private: Clone and edit your private GitHub, Bitbucket and repositories for $9,99.
  • Git2Go Unlimited: Clone and edit your private GitHub, Bitbucket and repositories as well as GitHub Enterprise and GitLab CE/EE for $14,99.
  • Git2Go Unlimited — Upgrade: Upgrade from the ‘Git2Go Private’ IAP for additional GitHub Enterprise and GitLab CE/EE access for $4,99.

We do this mainly to get the conversation about indie development apps and their sales numbers in the App Store going. We also hope to see a couple of other developers sharing their numbers for 2015 as well.

App Store metrics and Financials

  • 4.053 total downloads
  • 246 in-app purchases sold (5,2% conversion rate from installs).
  • $1.827 total revenue after Apple’s 30%, but before any taxes or expenses.
  • $988,40 received in the first 31 days alone.
Daily App Installs
Daily In-App Purchase Units sold
Daily Revenue

Our top referrer to the App Store page(mobile Safari only):

  2. Product Hunt
  3. Our newsletter
  4. Organic App Store searches
  8. Designer News

App Usage

  • 4.236 total GitHub Logins (available since the beginning with 1.0)
  • 704 total BitBucket Logins (available since November 21st with 1.2)
  • 149 total GitHub Enterprise Logins (available since December 9th with 1.3)
  • 3.850 total Clones performed
  • 1.968 total Syncs performed
  • 596 total Commits performed
  • 62 daily active users on average
  • ~100 Daily Active Users on average (without launch week and update days)
  • ~550 Weekly Active Users on average (without launch week)
  • 2 received support mails…and roughly 100 requests coming in via our smooch integration

Our expenses

  • Private GitHub Account Piet: $18 per month
  • Private GitHub Account Tim: $7 per month


Looking back, it was the absolute right decision to launch with a reduced set of services and to add Bitbucket & GitLab over time. Since the introduction of our higher tier IAP options, we’ve also been able to make more money with the (quite steady) amount of daily IAP performed by our users.

While we got some neat coverage from German and international blogs out there, we still think that Git2Go hasn’t been noticed by all the people who would love to use it out there. That’s why we’re currently looking for conferences/talks/meetups/fireside chats etc. to talk about Git2Go. So, if you know of an event like that or even host one, feel free to hit us up on Twitter or send us a mail.

We can’t wait to rock the App Store in 2016 with your help and would like to use the chance to thank all of you out there who believe(d) in us, use Git2Go and provide valuable feedback. ❤