Urbanization needs your innovations

Something unique is happening in this world of ours. We are moving to cities with enormous pace. 3 Billion people will move to cities before 2050.

This can be a societal nightmare. Or it can be a new era of self-actualization, fulfillment and a better life for all of us.

I believe the latter.

This guy is on his way to city. As are billions of people during the next decades.

It’s not like moving to cities is a new thing. We have been on it for the while, starting a century ago and slowly working our way up. What is changing everything is the shift of paradigm in our economy. From industrial to services. From consumption to sharing. From destroying our planet to saving it (or at least extending the livable period on it).

From rising income and middle class to unevenly distributed wealth. Digitalization killing jobs like landslide, with no better social system in sight to enable smooth transition.

People search answers to these shifts in cities. Homes that preserve their value, jobs, services and social security net. The basic needs.

Credit: By Akantamn — Own work, based on United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division (2014). World Urbanization Prospects: The 2014 Revision, CD-ROM Edition, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=51744447

If 3 billion people move to cities, we need to build more urban environment. And in this massive economic project lies the key for making this for the better. Roughly a third of our income goes to buying a roof over our heads, and the next two big chunks go to food and transport. It means that the biggest impact on our personal financial stability comes from the logic of how cities are built.

If we can leverage this massive construction phase using innovations, teams, people and communities in a way that captures value to those desperately in need — the people living in or moving to cities — I believe we can make this period one of the greatest success stories of our history.

This is Building Movement.

This will not happen without us engaging in it. These old logics of earning in the construction industry, where someone wins and others loose, are the biggest obstacle of this Movement. How can we fight it? By bringing about new, innovative, value-creating, amazing initiatives. By turning construction industry from an unethical, inhuman and value destroying business into a thriving ecosystem for awesome people and great innovations. And doing this with smile and style.

That’s why I want to be part of the Building Movement.

If you want know more and be part of this, join our Facebook group “Building Movement” from this link.

Henry Salo

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