WorldMate Shutting Down & the Best Alternatives

On Tuesday, WorldMate publicly announced that they will be closing.

At Pana, we have a lot of admiration for WorldMate.

When WorldMate was founded in 2000, they were the first to pioneer the trip itinerary app. Everyone who has followed — most prominently, TripIt (2006), TripCase (2008), Google Trips (2016), and Pana Free (2016) — owes their lineage in part to WorldMate’s breakthrough concept.

Since their announcement, WorldMate has received an outpouring of support from their travelers, many of whom have been using WorldMate for years, if not over a decade in some cases:

“I’ve been a gold member since ’08 best travel app use it all the time.”
“Is there any option you will provide us? I’ve been using this app for over 5 years, can not travel without it.”
“I am saddened in seeing this app go, I have tried others and they have never lived up to what I have with WorldMate.”

It’s an incredible testament to what WorldMate has built that, amidst the constant changes in technologies and new apps, they have had the same travelers loyal for so long.

As existing WorldMate travelers are now forced to look elsewhere, we wanted to share some of the alternatives out there.

The alternatives

In terms of core functionality, all trip itinerary apps operate in the same basic way as WorldMate: you forward along your travel receipts (e.g. flight, hotel, car rental, and more) or connect your email inbox, and then the app will “automagically” organize your trip itineraries in one place.

TripIt: For the frequent traveler who values reliability above all else

We know many business travelers who love TripIt for its reliability, and that “it just works.” If you work somewhere like a Fortune 500 company where they use Concur’s online booking tool, TripIt creates a seamless transition between booking and having your details on-the-go.

If you were a WorldMate Gold member ($10 per year) and are looking to receive flights alerts you can upgrade to Tripit Pro for $49 per year.

Google Trips: For the leisure traveler looking to explore a city

Google Trips put their own spin on trip itinerary apps by focusing on the “modern tourist.” Their app offers editorial guides to more than 200 cities, and makes personalized recommendations of sites to see, places to eat, and things to do based on your Google history. If you are primarily a leisure traveler looking to enrich your city exploration, Google Trips is truly second-to-none.

Kayak Trips: For the Kayak power user who wants to stick to the basics

Kayak, the travel search tool many of us hold near and dear to our hearts, also has lightweight itinerary features built into their app and website. Within Kayak Trips you can begin to piece together an itinerary prior to actually booking anything and when you’re ready to start booking, you can do so directly with a few quick taps.

Pana Free: For the 21st century traveler who wants to fall in love with their itinerary app

With Pana Free, which we launched in public beta less than a month ago, we sought to up the ante on what a 21st century traveler should expect from a free travel app. Here’s our take:

Instead of forwarding each travel booking (as many of the existing trip itinerary apps require), you can simply sync up your entire inbox and we’ll automatically find and identify the travel receipts that need to be put into Pana for you.

Instantly view all of your travel itineraries in one, organized place.

We also organize your bookings together into each trip automatically by intelligently pattern-matching based on the geographic location and date/time of each booking. That way, everything gets organized for you without having to lift a finger.

Pana’s bot automagically pieces together all of your travel bookings including flights, accommodations (including Airbnbs), car rentals and activities.

Some of the other trip itinerary apps also offer real-time flight alerts in their premium version (like TripIt Pro for $49/year). We wanted to give this one out for free!

One of the components we’re most proud of are the sharing features built into Pana — whether letting a loved one know where you’re traveling, alerting a colleague that your flight got delayed and you’ll be late for the client dinner, or planning a ski trip to Tahoe with friends.

Additionally, with the group itinerary view you can collaboratively build shared itineraries with your friends, family and colleagues automatically.

The other first-of-its kind feature that we built for Pana Free was automatic flight check-in. We’re happy to check you in for a flight on your behalf, or alternatively, alert you 24 hours before departure to manually check in yourself.

The feature by feature breakdown

For any WorldMate travelers reading this post, we’d love to hear from you!

We launched Pana in public beta to give travelers a preview of what we’re building while we’re actively making improvements and learning from your travel itineraries. We want to start a two-way conversation about building the best itinerary product in the world.

What were your favorite features in WorldMate? Was there anything that you absolutely couldn’t live without?

Shoot those over to, and we promise that a member of our product team will personally read and reply to every piece of feedback. We’d love to start a conversation around what made WorldMate so special for you, and how we could begin to capture the magic again.

About Pana: Pana instantly organizes travel plans in one place and sends personalized notifications to help you travel smarter and happier. Pana also provides a 24/7 on-demand personal concierge for frequent travelers, and a corporate travel solution for growing companies.

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