John Bysinger and Fēnix Power

Hello, I’m John, and I’m an entrepreneur!

What does that mean? Well it means a great many things, but for most of you it means I’m building a new business. And that’s where things get complicated, what exactly does it mean to build a business? There’s a whole section in the library dedicated to this topic, and many many techniques and models for doing so. But really it boils down to one thing:

I find a problem that someone is willing to pay me to solve.

Now there are also many ways to find those problems, people, and solutions. But the best way is to start with something you’re passionate about. So let me tell you about my passion:

Electric Vehicles

I drove my first EV in 1993, I’ve started down the path of building my own EV twice, but found aftermarket products lacking. I have been studying and watching the development of the electric vehicle for nearly 3 decades, and I am very excited at how far the market has come! I’ve waited a long time for this, but I truly believe the timing is right to start down the path of building a business around this market. So I created a new startup to do exactly that:

Fēnix Power

Who is Fēnix Power? What problem do we solve? Who are our customers? Well all of that is in progress. Right now we’re talking to customers interested in Electric Vehicles, listening to them, trying to understand their needs. And from that data we will be developing Electric Vehicle related products. We plan to be the premier aftermarket product supplier for all of your EV performance needs. We want to make what YOU drive better.

But as we listen, we’re going to share what we learn. And that’s why I’m here today. I’m going to periodically write articles on the topic of EVs, clean power, battery technology, transportation trends, connected cars, autonomous driving, and performance modifications. If you’re passionate about driving, turning wrenches, hacking code, clean power, or just plain power, join the conversation.