Hiring for Data Science at Nubank

Pedro Bacaltchuk
Dec 19, 2019 · 5 min read

Here’s everything you need to know about the role that DS plays at Nubank and how to join our team

Nubank was created to fight the complexity of the financial system and empower people. We use Technology, Design, and Data Science to develop amazing products and services that help customers regain control over their finances.

As a fintech, having very diligent processes backed up by data-informed decision making is crucial to our operations, meaning we can offer the right set of products to the right customer at the right time. That’s why we are constantly looking for talents to join our DS team.

We’ve created a process focused on both guaranteeing a good experience for every candidate and allowing us to learn more about each applicant.

But, before telling how that works, we’d like to talk a bit more about Data Science here at Nubank.

Data Science at Nubank

We are a data-informed company. Also, one of our core values is “we pursue smart efficiency”. That’s why Data Science plays an important role in every aspect of our business: from the conversations we have with our customers through our support products to the credit limits we offer them.

Our Data Science chapter is divided in:

  • Machine Learning Engineers: responsible for creating solutions that help to solve business problems using data analysis;
  • Data Scientists: they have two distinct profiles — one focused on business and another focused on technical challenges such as algorithms and data optimization.

You can find both Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists in different offices, products, and squads here at Nubank, as they support the customer lifecycle as a whole. Also, our Data Science team is made of people with diverse backgrounds. We have physicists, economists, engineers, business analysts and a lot more. This mix of different experiences is essential for us to continue to reinvent the financial system and create simple, fair e truly human products.

Despite all of that it’s still day one for us, which means that we still have many other challenges to face next. Ok, but what’s next? As we like to say here at Nubank, it’s still day one for us! So even with all the amazing work that has been done so far, there are still many amazing opportunities ahead. Just to name a few examples, here are some things our Data Scientists will be working on over the next few months:

  • Feature Store for consolidating realtime data into reusable features that feed our predictive models;
  • Monitoring infrastructure that captures, stores and visualizes data that goes into and out of our predictive models;
  • Metadata management services built into our CI systems so we can keep track of every model deployment and their metadata;
  • Build the next generation of Fraud and Credit models, incorporating innovative data sources (e.g. combining structured and unstructured data) and using state of the art techniques (e.g. sequence models, causal inference models);
  • Building testing and personalization capabilities for our products (Bandits, Reinforcement Learning, etc.).

Exciting, right? You can see our open positions for the Data Science chapter here and join the team in our journey to fight complexity and empower people.

And what is the interview process like?

Like everything we do at Nubank, our recruiting process also reflects our values. This is how it goes:

1- Application and Resumé.

The first step is applying for a position on our careers page.

There, candidates can import information straight from LinkedIn, upload their CVs, and add other types of files and information. They also have to answer some initial questions — such as the very basic “Why are you interested in joining Nubank?”.

At this stage, we are interested in learning about the candidate’s previous experiences. We take a look at academic and working experience, as well as personal projects. We also wish to understand their motivations — which is why we ask everyone to be transparent about their expectations joining Nubank. After all, our reality must fit the type of challenges that drives them.

If the candidate was actively recruited — on LinkedIn, for example –, we skip straight to the next phase.

2- Remote interview

People approved in the first phase are invited to a remote interview with either a recruiter or a Senior team member. At this stage, we hope to:

  • Understand more about the candidates, their professional backgrounds, their technical skills and what they are looking for in their career;
  • Explain how we apply Data Science and Machine Learning at Nubank;
  • Talk about the dynamics of our teams;
  • Assess how the candidate behaviors and how they can be a cultural addition to our company.

More than an interview, this meeting is meant to be a transparent conversation between us and the candidates — this is the time to get to know one another and share our expectations.

For Senior positions, we also have a second remote interview for those who were approved in the previous one. The candidate will talk to a Senior Member of the Data Science Chapter about topics related to leadership, ownership, and influence.

3- Technical Exercise

After the remote interview, we send candidates a technical exercise and usually give them around 5 days to finish it. This allows them to think about the problems and deliver good solutions.

The test is composed of:

  • For Data Scientists: one programming puzzle;
  • For Machine Learning Engineers: selected questions on Machine Learning;
  • A few open-ended questions.

The exercise is evaluated by a senior member of the Data Science team.

4- Meeting in person

Everyone approved in the technical exercise moves forward to the next phase: onsite interviews. At this stage we:

  • Organize a series of interviews with our People & Culture team and talk about more specific technical and cultural aspects of working at Nubank;
  • Follow up on online test open questions to better understand some topics;
  • Do a pairing exercise for Machine Learning Engineers or a modeling case for Data Scientists.
  • Check on problem-solving skills.

At this stage, we are interested in understanding how the candidates work in pairs, listening to their ideas and seeing how they act in situations very similar to those experienced by our teams daily.

5- Offer and Onboarding

We are very happy to extend a job offer to everyone approved on the final stage! If the candidate accepts it, we arrange all the details for the starting date and the onboarding — an immersion in our culture, business, and technology.

The onboarding is meant to provide every tool a Nubanker needs to begin working with us and contribute to our challenges!

Stay Restless. Join Nu.

We are looking for individuals who are really passionate about what they do and that are excited to solve the next challenge ahead, all while working in a safe, welcoming surrounding who want to see their work having a positive impact on the lives of millions of people who, otherwise, would be stuck in a bureaucratic and inefficient relationship with their money.

Sounds good? Check out our open positions and stay restless with us!

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