Product Managers: what they do and why we need them

A look into the role, the Product Principles that guide our work and the hiring process for Product Managers at Nubank

Product Managers at Nubank

This article was written in collaboration with Jose Junior.

At Nubank, Product Managers (PMs) are key players in building great products and delivering them to our customers. The PM role offers many opportunities for someone who is data-informed, passionate about technology and thrives in the challenge of communicating across multifunctional teams. However, because product management is still very much a nascent discipline in Brazil, hiring new team members at Nubank can be quite challenging.

To help you learn a bit more about the role, this article will delve into what it means to be an effective product manager at Nubank, and why it’s such an important job in our organization.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with a few of the basics!

What are PM’s accountable for?

Product Managers are accountable for building products with the team in order to achieve main business objectives and solve customers’ needs. In summary, they are responsible for the speed and quality of the team’s decisions to maximize impact.

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Product Managers are involved in every stage of a product’s life cycle. Below, you can see our Building Blocks for Product Management along with the questions we make when building a product:

  • Start with why: Why are we building this product? What is the problem we are trying to solve? What job are customers hiring us to do? What are the customers’ pain points? Is the problem aligned with Nubank’s vision? How big is this problem? Why is this a problem? Why is it important to solve? What happens if we don’t solve this problem?
  • Define Product: What is the product we want to build in order to solve the identified problem? Who is going to use it? What hypothesis are we validating? How do we know if it is successful? Is this product feasible and viable? Does everyone involved in the product development understand the problems we want to solve?
  • Development Planning: We want to always deliver value to our customers and that is why development planning is so important. Which MVP can be build to test if the problem can be solved? How can we deliver value incrementally? Which are the most important features to work on first? How will launch and release communication work? Do we have a rollout plan?
  • Development support: We are always thinking a couple steps ahead of potential issues and trying to remove the obstacles from the team’s path. From providing product specification to covering missing functions, we do anything that needs to be done to deliver the product.

“As Product Managers, we support our teams so they can deliver the right products for our customers and company. This includes clarifying implementation requirements, unblocking team members and doing anything needed to get the product shipped, from customer support trainings to writing some lines of code." André Tavares, Product Manager

  • Monitoring: After launching a new product we need to make sure everything is working well. Are our services healthy? Is everybody comfortable to scale the solution for more customers? What’s our rollback strategy?
  • Measure Results: What did we learn throughout development, launch and monitoring? Did we solve the problem? Are customers using the product? Are customers satisfied with our product? What are the improvements we need to make?
  • And the cycle repeats.

Product Principles

We have 3 Product Principles that represent how we make decisions and how we build our products at Nubank.

Our Product Principles at Nubank

1- Build for long term customer relationships

We always put our customers first and make sure that we’re prioritizing the long term benefit of our customers above all else.

2- Great products come from great teams

We believe the best products come from working collaboratively with the team: from respecting everyone’s opinion and getting the most out of a diverse and strong team.

3- Seek and share clarity

We, as Product Managers, are always looking for clarity. We need to have a clear understanding of the problems we want to solve and it's important to share this clarity within and across teams to align the entire company.

Nubank’s PM Hiring Process

The profession is now becoming popular, which is exciting news since we are now seeing a new generation of young professionals passionate about product development. Product managers usually come from one of these three backgrounds: computer science, business strategy or design/UX, but this is not a requirement. Product Managers can come from diverse backgrounds and often people who are passionate about technology have worked in roles close to it.

At Nubank, we’re looking for team-oriented people who understand the product development cycle and can think as a customer. Strong communication skills, clear and structured thinking, an execution mindset and the ability to learn our business quickly are also important qualities.

We’re currently assessing these skills by doing around several interviews and a case where the candidate is challenged with a product problem and walks us through a high-level idea of the product development — from the strategy definition to the product implementation.

When talking to candidates, we are trying to understand their future role and how well they could interact with their teams (including analysts, developers, designers, and other stakeholders). For more senior profiles, we like delving deeper into the leadership experience and the strategic thinking of the candidates.

During technical interviews, we pay attention to how candidates talk about both their experience with it and their passion for it.

The case presentation is the most important part of our recruitment process since we put the candidate in a situation where we ask him/her to make decisions about the implementation of a new product without giving lots of context or data. The case is very helpful to give us an idea of how a candidate would behave and perform when facing a similar situation to the ones we experience at Nubank. A good candidate normally communicates clearly and concisely, demonstrates ability to make decisions with uncertainty and has good notions of product fundamentals, such as building an MVP, how to measure success, etc.

Nubank has an ambitious vision to be the most influential financial services company in the world. We want to do that by building great products that empower people by removing complexity from their lives. If you want to join this mission and feel that our principles and culture are a fit with you, check out our Product Manager positions.

We’re hiring!

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