Software Engineering Daily: Building a Bank

Earlier this month, Nubank was featured on an episode of the Building a Bank series from the Software Engineering Daily podcast. Our CTO Edward Wible chatted with host Jeff Meyerson about the challenges of developing a fintech business in Brazil and how the scenario compares to those in the US and Europe.

The show glances over the history of the Engineering chapter at Nubank: from early stages of the company (when the foundations of our credit card integration with MasterCard had to be built in record time because of regulatory requirements), to the shift in organizational mindset that happened during the past 5 years (in which the team grew from 1 to 160 employees); it also goes deeper into technical topics, such as lessons learned deploying over 170 microservices and the tools we’ve leveraged to implement this distributed systems architecture.

You can find the full episode, show notes and transcript at the SED website or your favorite podcast app.

If you have questions or if you’re curious about topics that didn’t get covered in the show, just leave a comment in this article. We’ll do our best to address it here, or in a future post!