Do Road Courses (Like Restrictor Plate Tracks) Level the Playing Field?

A Little History

A Level Playing Field?

Who Wins Road Course Races?

A Tree map of which drivers have won races at Watkins Glen

Who Holds the Records at Watkins Glen?

A few records at Watkins Glen during the time NASCAR has made annual visits

Do Some Drivers Have an Advantage?

A plot of where the Watkins Glen winner eventually finished the season.

A histogram shows the number of drivers who finished the season in a particular spot. For example, 7 Watkins Glen winners went on to become season champions

The same as the graph above, but this time, with the names of the drivers who finished further back in the field at the end of the season

Conclusions About Watkins Glen

What About Sonoma?

Note: The histogram excludes Tony Stewart’s 15th place finish in the 2016 season, as he only completed 28 of the 36 races.

But What About the Roval?

Building Speed

The Science of Fast

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Building Speed

The Science of Fast