Fine Print

There’s not much fine print to speak of, truthfully. Totem has a super-simple pricing model.

You pay a $29 monthly fee. We build your Totem for you, using both public materials already available on the Web, and those you provide us additionally.

This includes a custom branding, and a domain redirect to either or

You can cancel anytime.

Also, we don’t charge your card until 3 days into the process. If during those 3 days you are not satisfied, you can cancel without having spent a dime.

Any any time afterwards, you can email or call our concierge team 24/7, who will make changes to your Totem in 24 hours or less on the weekdays, and 48 hours or less on the weekends.

Our concierge team will also find new items to add and suggest changes to you proactively. In these cases we will always ask your permission first before publishing anything new.

If you have any questions about our model, please just send us a line at and we’ll get back to you immediately.

Are you a current Totem customer?

If you are a current Totem customer, you can either remain on the old version of Totem freely and indefinitely, or upgrade voluntarily to the new version.

If you decide to upgrade, we will give you the first three months of your subscription for free, and use our import tool to bring you over the fence. You can cancel at anytime.

If you wish to upgrade, please just send us a line at and we’ll get back to you immediately.

Are you a nonprofit or an educational organization?

We’d love to consider giving you access to Totem freely. Please send us a line explaining your mission and affiliation:

Thanks for working hard to make the world a better place. You are appreciated.