Creative Platforms for the Metaverse

We’re entering a huge new realm of creativity: leaving the asynchronous, transactional world of creating websites — to crafting immersive, real-time experiences enabled by 3D engines.

In this video I cover how the creator economy of the metaverse is being built by technologies that unleash creativity amongst artists, storytellers and game designers:

A few of the companies and projects mentioned in the above video: Roblox, Rec Room, Unity, Epic (Unreal), Shopify, Pixar, Innersloth (Among Us), Zynga, Beamable, Adobe, MongoDB, Ruby on Rails, Node.js.

I do a deeper compare and contrast on Roblox, Unreal and Unity. For more background on this read my comparison between these companies in my Market Map of the Metaverse.

You can also read about how creative platforms evolve from early pioneers, through an engineering-centric phase and ultimately into an era led by creators in Evolution of the Creator Economy.



Business, technology and culture of all the virtual worlds, realities and experiences of the Metaverse. 2D, 3D, mobile phones, VR/AR, games, MMORPGs, social networks, digital collectibles, esports; game design, Unity, Unreal, free-to-play (f2p), blockchain, NFTs.

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