The Metaverse Canon: Reading Guide

This is a collection of my favorite articles — including those I’ve written myself and people have found helpful — but many others that have inspired me to think about the convergence of many social and technological trends that will power the metaverse.

Image Credit: Susan Q Yin

If you’re coming up to speed on the metaverse and you’d like to do a deep dive, then scan over the following article links. And if you have others you’d like me to include, I’d love to hear from you.

Main Concepts — Defining the Metaverse

Creator Economy

Games and Gamification

Virtual Identity and Avatars

NFTs, Digital Collectibles & Play-to-Earn

Business and Industry

Blockchain and Decentralized Finance

Walled Gardens vs. Open Platforms

Network Effects

Graphics Technology and Spatial Computing

Machine Intelligence

Software, Servers and Networking

Inspiration from Science Fiction

Business, technology and culture of all the virtual worlds, realities and experiences of the Metaverse. 2D, 3D, mobile phones, VR/AR, games, MMORPGs, social networks, digital collectibles, esports; game design, Unity, Unreal, free-to-play (f2p), blockchain, NFTs.

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