We Had a Party in the Metaverse

Jon Radoff
Building the Metaverse
2 min readApr 17, 2021

On Friday (April 16) the Game Industry celebrated with a party in Rec Room. In a year without live events like the Game Development Conference (GDC) it was a welcome opportunity for us to hang out with each other. And perhaps it won’t really fall away as real-life conferences return — after all, can you be visited by a dragon in real life?

David Leavitt did a wonderful livestream of the entire event. You can catch up on what happened here:

Here are a few scenes from the event:

The “clurb” where dancing and live music happened, along with the two-story interactive whiteboards and a visit from a friendly dragon.
Krysten with a great selfie.
The broom closet (that’s me in the lower left)
Kadence the Poet giving us a live poetry reading in the theater.

Participation Trophies

We minted Participation Badge NFTs for the event!

I looked at a number of options that were available for this purpose and chose WAX. The reasoning is that the cost was very low (only a modest amount of RAM token that cost be less than $1) and because WAX is a highly energy-efficient proof-of-stake blockchain. It also has a low barrier to setting up the cloud wallet.

If you participated in the event and you’re looking for yours, the instructions are in our Discord.

Get Ready for Next Time!

Here are a few ways to get involved with the online Game Industry club:

  • On Discord: where the Game Industry Cocktail Hour discord connects with each other when we’re not live on Rec Room or Clubhouse. This is the best way to coordinate or learn about the next events we’re running.
  • On Clubhouse: the Game Industry club, where we welcome everyone regardless of whether you’ve shipped a game or not, are working in the industry or are just excited about gaming.



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