Create Cassandra Apps on AWS in Minutes, Not Weeks

Author: Thomas Been

The NoSQL database, Apache Cassandra®, is known for its infinite scalability, fault-tolerance, and 100% uptime. But deploying apps on Cassandra used to be challenging, until DataStax Astra DB came along. This post explains how Astra DB lets you deploy Cassandra-based apps on AWS in minutes, not weeks or months.

Launching projects in Apache Cassandra® can be challenging — unless you know the secrets of the Cassandra pros. Netflix, Uber, Pinterest, and thousands of the world’s leading engineering teams have developed their applications with Apache Cassandra. But developers need an easier and faster way to help build massively scalable data apps with zero operations or downtime.

DataStax Astra DB makes it easy to deploy multi-tenant or dedicated databases on Amazon Web Services (AWS) while eliminating the operational overhead of Cassandra and reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Simply put: Astra DB makes creating Cassandra applications faster and easier. To give you a better understanding, here are five reasons to use Astra DB for building impactful applications (without the pain).

1. Drop the Ops

Astra DB gives you all the developer power without the operational headaches. You can deploy a database and keyspace in five minutes or less, with no provisioning, installation, or configuration. With serverless Astra DB, developers can focus on creating and shaping their databases instead of investing time and energy in managing server infrastructure, installation, and upgrades.

There are no manual configuration changes, no guesswork on database sizing, and upgrades are handled for you automatically. Astra DB takes care of it all in any globally available AWS region and availability zone.

“Thanks to Astra DB (DataStax), we were able to easily move from one cloud provider to the next without inconveniencing our team or our customers. It’s a true Database-as-a-Service with no ops.”

— Dipak Chandon, Senior Engineering Manager, Venmo

2. Power up developer productivity

Astra DB helps you build apps faster by allowing you to work with familiar programming languages and your favorite APIs, rather than forcing you to learn new ones.

Every database you create automatically includes GraphQL, REST, Document (schema-less JSON), and gRPC APIs so you can quickly manage the data within your application. Stargate is the open-source data API gateway that sits between your application and Astra DB and services all these different APIs.

With robust, cloud-enabled drivers for many major programming languages along with Stargate, Astra DB helps developers create faster and better apps without the need to manage infrastructure or change their programming preferences.

From e-commerce to video games, and IoT to Financial Services, Astra DB offers superior time-to-value for deploying applications.

3. Scale your app without compromise

Astra DB is a pay-as-you-go DBaaS that allows you to start with a small database and grow it as your applications scale to accommodate more customers and more data. With this pricing model, you can easily manage the exponential growth of any data application with efficient auto-scaling and low read/write response times.

There’s no need for upfront planning, sizing, and configuration required for scaling up/down. With its serverless architecture, which separates compute and storage, Astra DB is significantly better at scaling up/down cost-effectively to reduce overall TCO.

4. Go global

You need to put your data where you need it without compromising performance, availability, or accessibility. Astra DB allows you to colocate data and applications anywhere in the world. By enabling reads and writes to multiple cloud regions, Astra DB is a global powerhouse that scales up to petabytes of data without impacting performance.

5. Strengthen security

When using a DBaaS in the cloud, you want the peace of mind that your data is secure. Preventing security breaches and quickly mitigating negative consequences if they do happen is a critical requirement for any data application. You also want the certainty that only authorized users can access the data, and that it’s encrypted for that extra layer of security.

Astra DB comes bundled with advanced authentication and authorization features to run mission-critical workloads securely, like role-based access control, data-at-rest encryption, mutual TLS authentication for data-in-motion, bring-your-own-keys (BYOK), and single sign-on (SSO) integration.

Accelerate Apache Cassandra on AWS with Astra DB

Join thousands of fellow developers who are using Astra DB to develop cloud-native applications without the hassle of managing operations.

You can reduce your application deployment time from weeks to minutes with no-operations deployment and flexible APIs. You can also save on costs with serverless autoscaling and pay-as-you-go pricing. The best part? You can get a free Astra DB account to play with and take it for a spin using any cloud provider.

If you have any questions or just want to chat with a fun dev community, head over to our DataStax Developers Discord channel.

Follow the DataStax Tech Blog for more developer stories and cool product announcements. Check out our YouTube channel for free tutorials and follow DataStax Developers on Twitter for the latest news about our developer community.


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We’re huge believers in modern, cloud native technologies like Kubernetes; we are making Cassandra ready for millions of developers through simple APIs; and we are committed to delivering the industry’s first and only open, multi-cloud serverless database: DataStax Astra DB.

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