Inspired Execution: The Journey to Nirvana: Becoming a Platform Enterprise with Banco Santander Chief Platform Officer

The third episode of the Inspired Execution podcast just dropped with Banco Santander CPO Aiaz Kazi and he shares his thoughts on:

  • How to use a Silicon Valley mindset to lead digital transformation initiatives at a traditional institution
  • The difference between projects, products, and platforms
  • How to talk to non-technical employees about cloud-native, mobile-first, AI-enabled platforms
  • What inspiring leadership looks like and much more

Aiaz also explains the professional journey that brought him to this position — and how his thinking has evolved as he’s moved from one role to the next over his career.

Aiaz also talks about the digital transformation initiatives that are taking place at Banco Santander, which was founded in 1857, and how the bank is transitioning from an on-premises mindset to deliver cloud-native, mobile-first, AI-enabled platforms and solutions to the modern world.

To lead this transformation, Aiaz has had to change the way his team thinks about the technology that they build.

Initially, Banco Santander viewed everything as standalone IT projects. Since Aiaz has come on board, he’s helped shift that thinking to technology products and, ultimately, technology platforms.

Aiaz also discusses how he’s been forced to change the way he views success with each new role.

As the podcast winds down, Aiaz shares some thoughts of what he believes inspired leadership looks like.

Listen to this episode of Inspired Execution for more ideas from Aiaz about how you can lead your organization’s digital transformation journey and spearhead its transformation into a data-driven enterprise.

The story behind “Inspired Execution”

Interested in learning more about the genesis of the Inspired Execution podcast?

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The podcast series is available on, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.



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