Why Web3 Needs a Real-Time Data Layer Now More Than Ever

What Will Continue to Drive Web3 Forward?

On-Chain Data Considerations for Web3 Developers

Unacceptable Performance

Production Outages Due to Data Volume

Conflicting and Inaccurate Data

Unacceptable Storage/Usage Costs

Source: Noah Ruderman on Medium

Other Considerations

Solution: Sync Data Off-Chain in Real Time

SELECT * FROM eth_blocks WHERE blocks_group=134 LIMIT 5;
blocks_group            | 134
number | 13399901
hash | 0x88370229a285398b48e58fea8947d6ef101f7b4d177b5c224b8fd22b9247ebde
base_fee_per_gas | 0.000000111470210631
blocks_difficulty | 0
blocks_total_difficulty | 0
burnt_fees | null
difficulty | 0
extra_data | 0x65746865726d696e652d6575726f70652d7765737433
gas_limit | 30000000
gas_target_percentage | null
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Benefits for Web3 Apps and Developers

Benefits for the Business

Try It Yourself as a Service



We’re huge believers in modern, cloud native technologies like Kubernetes; we are making Cassandra ready for millions of developers through simple APIs; and we are committed to delivering the industry’s first and only open, multi-cloud serverless database: DataStax Astra DB.

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