Meekan by Doodle now supports Slack’s new Custom Status Updates!

Slack has a way of giving us small gifts every few weeks, and we were thrilled to hear about the latest one, as we were getting tons of requests to have Meekan automatically update your Slack status when your calendar says that you’re away.

How does it work?

The basic idea is quite simple, really. When your calendar shows you’re on a meeting, Meekan will update your Slack status. When the meeting is over, your status switches back to its former state.

Turning status update on

From now on, when Meekan reminds you about an upcoming meeting, the reminder will also have an Update my status button showing:

Reminders can now also update your Slack status

Clicking that, Meekan will update your status when the meeting starts. You can also ask Meekan to “Always do that”, and he’ll change your status automatically every time your calendar indicates you’re in a meeting (You can always tell Meekan stop status updates to turn this off).

BTW, if you turned off your reminders, you can turn them back on by telling Meekan “reminders on”.

Fine tuning

You can customize Meekan’s status updates to suit your needs. Go to your settings page (tell Meekan meekan settings for your link), and you can make changes under the “Status Update” section:

Our favorite is, of course, the custom message that lets you get creative and also pick the perfect Emoji for the occasion.

You can also ask Meekan to set your Slack presence to “Away” or “Do not disturb” to keep your meeting distraction-free.

More coming soon

Thanks for reading through, enjoy Meekan’s automatic status updates, and stay tuned: We have some major upgrades to AI that’s running inside Meekan’s scheduling brain. It’s already in advanced beta, and we can’t wait to get it out into the world.

If you have any questions or feature requests, as usual shoot us an email to

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