A Brief Introduction to “API by Contract” & “The Blockie Open Market”

Superpowering smart contracts

Blockie has for the last few years been jaw-clenched focused on developing tools for turning people from mere consumers into digital content producers in the area of computer applications.

With the advent of Ethereum and the possibility of taking advantage of the blockchain technology to develop decentralized applications (ĐApps), it has become evident that we are in the midst of a paradigm shift which we want to contribute to.

Following the paradigm shift, two important questions arise:

  1. How can ĐApps become as powerful and versatile as cloud microservices?
  2. How will non-coders be able to develop and publish Decentralized Applications with off-chain superpowers?

With these purposes in mind, Blockie now introduces the following two new concepts: “API by Contract” & “The Blockie Open Market”.

API by Contract (AbC)

When you your “Dapp” your App, AbC will augment your smart contract to enable the power of cloud computing.

API by Contract provides a way of combining the best of two worlds; the security of consensus-driven smart contracts and the raw power of cloud computing. AbC connects ĐApps with one or more back-ends running off-chain, using Blockie technology. This enables infrastructure provisioning and application deployment straight to the cloud through the use of Ethereum Smart Contracts.

The Blockie Open Market (BOM)

The BOM allows you to easily build Apps that can then be decentralized using smart contracts and IbC technology.

The Blockie Open Market will become a market place where both seasoned programmers and non-experts in the field can develop new applications by picking up existing solutions called Things and use them as a basis for new functionality. The BOM will provide a connection between peers to share pieces of work in exchange for BOM tokens.

A unique aspect of the Blockie Open Market is that problems come in discrete, well defined portions and are often easily solved by experts on the respective layer of functionality.

The layers are:

  • Space.sh: the foundation; responsible for server apps and automation.
  • Machines.sh: handles the provisioning of machines, network interfaces and storage.
  • Things.ai: takes care of container-based reusable application compositions.

The purpose of The Blockie Open Market is to provide the community with a portal and the tools for creating an ever growing pool of Things which users can choose from, reuse and combine into endless combinations. Users who contribute to the open pool of Things are rewarded for their contributions with BOM tokens, similar to mining.

The complete presentation happened on the 30th of August, 2017, during the Decentralized Camp meetup #2 in Stockholm, Sweden. See it fully below!