Decentralized Camp: Workshop 3/3

The final part of our workshop series began with more solidity coding and IPFS presented by Chi-Hao Poon. This was followed by Thomas briefly walking through the more basic fundamentals of Ethereum. This was a great opportunity for members to openly ask any question they had on their mind.

It is humbling to see that everybody in this community is so willing to help each other learn and explore new ideas. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or completely new to this space, there is always something that Decentralized Camp can offer. Also never hesitate to ask questions in our dedicated slack channel, we all enjoy sharing our knowledge.

You can find our meetup group and slack invite links here:

Connecting the Swedish Ethereum Community

We also had a visit from Philip Prophet, one of the organizers of the Gothenburg Ethereum group. We look forward to hosting events together in the future and sharing ideas. It is likely that some will join us in our upcoming weekend hackathon.

You can find their meetup group here:

Whats next for the Decentralized Camp?

Although no dates are set in stone, we have many ideas and plans for the future. Sometime in November we will be hosting a weekend hackathon where we get together to explore how we can solve real world problems using blockchain technology. Keep your eyes peeled on our meetup group or follow Blockie on Twitter/Facebook to stay up to date with the latest announcements.

Finally, if you have a project, idea, presentation, etc that you want to share don’t hesitate to let us know. We are here for the community, so speak up!