@YoTwallet — send crypto!

A Proof of Concept DApp

In essence, YoTwallet is a decentralized application that allows you to tweet ETH to your friends in a matter of seconds. It is a fun little project that was created as a proof of concept project built using Blockie technology.

It represents one of many potential future DApps that can be built and run off Blockie. The tech is being/already is open-sourced, so if you are interested in building your own DApp then come talk to us in our Telegram channel and we can help you out personally.

@YoTwallet, tell me how you work!

It lets you tweet ether to friends, as easy as:

  • @yotwallet send 0.01 eth to @ThomasBacklund #yolo
  • @yotwallet create account
  • @yotwallet what is my address?
  • @yotwallet what is my balance?

Ensure that the characters used EXACTLY match the statements above. Most importantly, the #yolo is required!

You should follow @YoTwallet before interacting with it since Twitter might think it is spamming you otherwise and the tweets will be muted.

Do NOT send real crypto to YoTwallet since it is still on a private blockchain.

So when can I tweet the real stuff?

Right now YoTwallet is offline and will be released on Ethereum mainnet within a few weeks. There has been a lot of positive feedback in our local community (Stockholm) hence our ambition to integrate it to the main chain.

If you want to stay up to date on the progress then either follow our Twitter, Facebook page, or Reddit. Happy tweeting!