Don’t let a lack of domain experience stop you from starting.

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Hiration provides products and services to help professionals change their jobs. Right now, we have an online resume maker with content for 50+ jobs and an expert resume writing service.

A lot of professionals don’t get enough assistance in their careers, often running into various problems such as job hunting, resume making, career counselling etc. As of now, there are multiple options for corporations to solve their hiring needs in the form of staffing start-ups, recruitment consultants, head-hunters etc. However, no such one stop solution exists for individual professionals. Our team is trying to change this and build a one stop career assistant for professionals!

What moment or experience inspired you to start your own company?

Hiration is actually our second start-up. Previously, we built a start-up in the hospitality space wherein we hired a team of 800+, expanded to 50+ cities across India and finally, got acquired. However, while hiring 800+ people, we realized that professionals need a lot of help in their careers on various fronts. We had ourselves faced this problem before and had seen a lot of our friends and family go through the same experience. Hence, after the acquisition of the first start-up, we started work on Hiration with the objective of helping professionals.

Did you ever doubt yourself?

At times, yes. Our last start-up was a great learning experience. We executed a lot of things successfully but also made some mistakes. We focused on not repeating these mistakes. Apart from that, one more reason for the doubt was that in spite of hiring 800+ people across different seniority levels and domains, we were not subject matter experts in the domain of careers and career services. In order to get more experience in the career services domain, the three of us worked as freelance resume writers for ~5 months to get first-hand experience of helping professionals as well as gain expertise. This experience really gave us a lot of confidence and also taught us the subtle nuances of this space. We worked hard to overcome our doubts and Hiration was finally born!

What does “success” look like for your company five years from now?

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For us, “success” means being able to help every professional in the world to achieve “success” in their careers. We want to help them in every possible way — career counselling, job changing, resume making etc. As of Dec ’17, we have served ~2,500 clients through our expert resume services, launched in Dec ’16 and have more than 4,000 users on our online resume builder, launched in Aug ’17. We’re excited to continue to add more products and expand into new markets.