The micro-multinational determined to transform eldercare

Gillian Tee
Nov 11, 2017 · 3 min read
One of our care recipients, a Stroke Survivor and our Care Professionals Lee Peng

Homage provides a full suite of caregiving services — including assistance with daily activities, home nursing care and home rehabilitation care like physiotherapy — to the elderly within the comfort of their homes or community in order to help them age independently with joy and dignity. To the senior, Homage is the care professional who provides the care and we combine the best care professionals with technology to make the process of getting and managing care easy. We work with over 400 care professionals who are Singapore citizens and permanent residents, but have a small, multinational, full-time team of 20!

What moment or experience inspired you to start your own company?

After spending more than a decade abroad, I moved home to Singapore to be closer to my mother, who’s now in her 70s. Spending more time with her made me realize she was starting to make changes to her daily routine and activities, such as driving less and keeping journals to remind herself of her daily medication. When I began to understand that completing many of these daily activities independently were not as easy for her as it used to be, I became a little nervous and started looking into how we can holistically ensure the wellbeing of our aging parents and in essence, effect a solution that can help them remain in their own communities and homes as they age. That was the driving force behind — and what now has become — the main mission of Homage: to help our loved ones age in comfort and joy in an environment of their choosing, which is home.

Did you ever doubt yourself or face significant challenges starting out?

I knew starting a company was like a roller coaster ride and so a big part of the challenge starting out was to be able to self-manage through both the good days and the bad. While we do celebrate milestones with the team and appreciate the journey, we make sure not to let any accomplishment make us complacent and forget how challenging it will always be down the road. We try not to let our guard down for even a moment because we have our eyes set on the longer term in order to keep pushing Homage forward. A lot of this culture within our team stems from the team’s core motivation to see the impact of our mission. The same goes with how we deal with the hard days, we build resilience to weather any problems that arise.

What does “success” look like for your company five years from now?

Within five years, we hope to scale out our operations to beyond Singapore and deliver our care solution regionally in Asia and beyond. Within each city we’re operating in, we believe we can gather no less than 10,000 local caregivers in five years.

Lily my co-founder and I

As to what a successful Homage would look like in the longer-term, I always think about the evergreen, core goals in terms of the service and technology we provide. No one is ever going to wake up in five years and wish for less accessible eldercare, poorer care quality, lower visibility into the care of their loved ones or less affordable care. So we spend a lot of our current resources invested into what we think are these non-changing tenets of eldercare. Success would be on the basis of these tenets, as well as at scale and financial sustainability, knowing that the best holistic and trustworthy care I can get for my parents is through Homage.

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Gillian Tee

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Working on better senior care @Homage — Formerly Cofounder @Rocketrip. You’ll also find me @CodeUpStart

Built on Stripe

Hundreds of thousands of founders around the world have used Stripe to start and grow their businesses. We've collected some of their stories.

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