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Revisiting the Built Up Festival Fireside Chats

Ziba Design ( auditorium, hosts of the Built Up Festival

In late September, Built Oregon gathered a community of people together for the Built Up Festival, an event focused on the consumer product ecosystem in Oregon. At the core of the event, we curated a series of fireside chats between company founders and other industry leaders.

While we carefully chose a variety of industries from the Oregon economy, the themes that came together were incredibly consistent, regardless of the market, the region, or the community represented. Those conversations focused on the challenges of starting consumer product companies in Oregon and the type of perseverance and vision required to grow and scale them. And time and time again, the themes of community, collaboration, legacy, and support kept surfacing—and, most importantly, how those elements create a unique competitive advantage for Oregon.

We were thankful that the speakers allowed us to capture these conversations. Please take a moment to revisit these great interactions between amazing Oregonians.