Meet the #BUILTBYGIRLS Ambassadors

Oct 11, 2018 · 4 min read
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If you hadn’t heard, we launched our first ever #BUILTBYGIRLS Ambassador program *roaring applause* and we couldn’t be more excited over the amazing group of women who are bringing the magic of our community 💫 to colleges all over the country.

Through on-campus events, programming, content, and more, these impassioned leaders are committed to building the next wave of female leaders right on the ground level. Did we mention they’ll be handing out #BUILTBYGIRLS swag? Uhh, yeah, 🚨 this is not a drill 🚨

If you were wondering if there is a #BUILTBYGIRLS ambassador at your campus, see below for our 2018 ambassadors. Looking to get involved with their chapter? Reach out to them through Insta or email!

Without further ado….*drum roll, please*

Your 2018 #BUILTBYGIRLS Ambassadors:

East Coast:

West Coast:



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Allison Ronan • Georgia Institute of Technology •

Great to meet you all! We’re so excited to welcome you into the #BUILTBYGIRLS squad and see what awesome things you’re going to be doing!

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