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Democracy Comes To The Space Ark

Democratizing the Poggers

The Poggers have been up in the Ark for several months now, and the time has come for the community to have some authority as the Ark shifts its direction into new territory. Space Poggers has entered a pivotal moment in its story. The team is incredibly excited to provide the community more voice and power concerning the direction of this project. We have recognized the talent, passion, and commitment of our community and want to give every collector the opportunity to express themselves and help to lead this ongoing project.

Why Vote?

Why democratize the Space Poggers? Actually, the Space Poggers team still retains executive authority regarding the direction of this brand. However, active community feedback and proposals are crucial aspects of the creative vision and mission of this project. Moving forward, we hope to provide an enhanced storytelling experience by increasing community participation. Of course, the official team will continue to develop and release the overarching narrative of the project.

Community involvement in the proposal creation and voting processes will be an effective way for the community to play a more direct role in the project. An incredibly powerful component of a larger NFT project is the ability to have a verifiable and unfalsifiable way for community decision making. Space Poggers will exemplify that an active relationship between team and community is the future of creative direction.

What Will Poggers Vote On?

The Space Poggers team will lead the wider story building and operational components of the project. However, we will be opening up a lot of creative elements for the community to vote on. This could include:

  1. Community proposals with the newly created community wallet.
  2. Story direction for short form media on platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok or Youtube
  3. Selection of charitable initiatives
  4. Voting on Tribe Leaders to promote and submit proposals.
  5. Initiatives proposed by the team. The community should have a voice in large decisions that will dramatically change the direction of the project.

Inaugural Vote

Eventually, the weight of each vote will be determined by the amount of MoonSugar a collector holds. However, in order to claim $MSG, votes on three inaugural initiatives will be weighted by Space Pogger ownership. After the inaugural vote, $MSG will be used to vote on future proposals.

Initiative 1, Choose Your Tribe:

Firstly, collectors will have to choose their tribe. The user will have the option to select one tribe from Space Poggers tribes that they hold. For example, if one holds one Gorilla and four Dogs they would be able to join either the Gorillas or the Dogs. In total, there are thirteen Space Poggers tribes. Collectors will be able to change their tribe selection every 30 days. Tribe members will be able to vote for the leader of their respective tribe. Tribe members will submit suggestions to their tribe leader and have a stake in every proposal that a tribe leader introduces. Each tribe gets one vote on proposals submitted by the team.

Initiative 2, Choose Your Leader:

Secondly, collectors will have to choose their tribe leader. Each Space Pogger owned counts as one vote towards a tribe leader. For example, if a member of the Dog tribe holds four Dogs, their decision would count as four votes for the Dog tribe leader.

Tribe leaders will be in charge of organizing their tribe, listening to feedback and submitting proposals in accordance with their suggestions. It is the tribe leader’s responsibility to promote their tribe’s proposals in order to reach quorum. Tribe leaders will also be signatories on the Space Poggers community wallet. Tribe leader voting will occur once every 90 days. In the case of an emergency, there are voting procedures in place to replace a tribe leader immediately.

The tribe leader with the largest tribe will be dubbed the Ambassador. The Ambassador has the responsibility of working directly with the official Space Poggers team as a community liaison.

Initiative 3, Charitable Giving:

Space Poggers will be partnering with the Giving Block to offer hundreds of charities for the community to choose from to donate $100,000 from our charity wallet. Each Space Poggers collector will have one vote to designate to the charity of their choosing. This donation allows us to direct a significant amount of funds to a needed cause. Also, it would place Space Poggers in the Top 20 most charitable projects on the Giving Block! Charity is the last inaugural initiative that needs to be voted on before claiming MoonSugar ($MSG).

Routine Voting Structure:

Collectors will be able to participate in routine voting after they make their inaugural votes. $MSG will be necessary to participate in routine voting. There are procedures in place to ensure that one tribe or one whale cannot dominate the voting process. Also, collectors must actively hold at least one Space Pogger for their MoonSugar to be effective.

Tribe leaders will source ideas and suggestions from their tribe in order to write and submit proposals. After a proposal has been submitted, there will be a limited amount of time to vote. Every proposal is open for every Space Poggers collector to vote on. It is incumbent upon the tribe leaders to promote their proposals to the entire community to ensure quorum is met. Once a proposal has been approved or denied, the Ambassador will report the actionable proposals to the official team.

Team proposals are proposals submitted by the official Space Poggers team. Each tribe leader has one vote in these proposals. Tribe leaders have the responsibility of considering the input of their tribe and representing their will.

$MSG as a Governance Token:

$MSG is necessary for routine voting within the Pogger community. A community member’s voting power is directly related to the amount of $MSG they hold. The amount of Space Poggers held will increase one’s voting power, and those who hold no Space Poggers will have no voting power regardless of the amount of $MSG held.

The voting system of Space Poggers is to be determined and subject to change at any time. However, we are strongly considering single choice voting and quadratic voting. Single choice voting allows a voter to give all their voting power to one choice. Quadratic voting allows the voters to spread their vote among proposals so that voters can vote more heavily on what they are interested in. The voting system may vary depending on the stage of the project and content of the proposals.

The 13 tribe delegate system should deter whale influence. However, the Space Poggers team reserves the right to place any voting procedures in place that prevent imbalanced or unfair voting practices.




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