CREW Coins: Increasing the interactivity of mint experiences.

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The time to mint your CREW Coins is finally here.

One of the things which holders of X/DOJI/ CREW holders have been awaiting is the release of the CREW Coins. These coins allow the holders of DOJICREW or XCREW tokens the ability to create their crews, and begin getting ready for the future gamification to come to the X/DOJI CREW universe.

If you are a holder of X/DOJI CREW that has been paying attention then you will already be ready for this new release. These coins will provide additional perks to holders, an all new interactive experience, and position minters to be in an even more advantageous position for the coming gamification.

What are the CREW Coins?

CREW Coins are a new token which is mintable by the holders of X/DOJI CREW tokens. This new token is an ERC-721 token on Ethereum Mainnet. These coins represent the DOJICREW or XCREW tokens ability to come together and form CREWs which can work together.

Each coin will require you to have one XCREW or DOJICREW of each rank in order to mint one. And while you can use any of your various ranked X/DOJI CREW tokens to mint a CREW Coins, you are not able to mix and match your X/DOJI CREW tokens when minting a CREW Coin.

There are a total of six different coins which can be created by the maker of the CREW. Three for DOJI, and three for each X CREW tokens. Each of these different factions can make a Standard Coin, an Dark Coin, and a Frozen Coin.

Standard Coin

Standard X and DOJI CREW Coins.

Any revealed XCREW or DOJICREW tokens can be placed into a Standard CREW Coin, but you can’t use revealed tokens for a Frozen or Unrevealed CREW Coin. This means that even if you have revealed some of your tokens you can still make a CREW Coin.

This Standard coin will be the most accessible for those looking to create CREW Coins. With no requirements outside of having one of each rank, holders will have a much easier time creating this coin.

Dark Coin


If you have held off on revealing your X/DOJI CREW to this point your tokens will unlock a Dark Coin. These coins will allow you to get a special set of traits for all members of your CREW. This will come with the pending release of the DOJI TRAIT STORE.

The more patient you have been the better off you will be, as waiting to reveal your X/DOJI CREW until now is the only way to get the Dark Coin. In doing so you’ll be receiving the second most difficult to achieve Coin that you can.

Frozen Coin


If you have Frozen your X/DOJI CREW tokens, meaning that the token is not only unrevealed but also frozen and unable to revealed ever, you will be able to mint a Frozen Coin. This coin will get you an exclusive Frozen set of Traits for all of your CREW members.

This CREW Coin is by far the rarest of them all, requiring holders to not only not reveal all 9 of their tokens, but to additionally freeze them forever. This will mean that the entire crew will be unknown to the holder, but the rewards for doing so will be great.

How to create your CREW Coin

Choose your side.

In order to make your CREW Coin you will need to navigate to the CREW Coin Creation Page where you will be able to connect your wallet and then select your first token. You are able to select each point individually, meaning you have total control over your selection process. Place your X or DOJI tokens into their rank spots from 1 to 9, or select them in whatever order you desire.

As you select your tokens the interface will automatically determine which coin you are eligible for based on the tokens selected. This means if you place all Frozen XCREW into the coin you will have a Frozen Coin able to be minted, and if you replace them with unrevealed DOJICREWs you’d have a Dark Coin able to be minted. Finally, if you have a mixture of revealed and unrevealed tokens, you will have a Standard Coin able to be minted. Along with determining which type of coin for you, it will also determine the allegiance of the coin as well. This means that if you select an XCREW Token at the start, you’ll be making an XCREW coin, and vice versa.

Once you make your coin, there is no going back.

Once you have selected your CREW and are ready to mint your token you will be prompted with a final check to make sure that you are wanting to mint this precise coin. This is because once you have created a CREW there is no ability to use those tokens for any other CREWs. Then all that remains is signing the transaction and minting your CREW Coin.

This does not all stop there, in addition to the minting of the CREW Coin and receipt of it into your wallet, each member of a CREW will receive a special badge for this. This badge will show directly on each and every DOJI detailing whether or not it is in a CREW already and which CREW it is in.

Team Minting

Due to the scarcity of the rank 9 X/DOJI CREW tokens (with only 111 total existing) we will be releasing a mechanism for people to team up even further. Instead of just having the ability to pair up your X/DOJI CREW tokens into a CREW if you are missing members for your CREW different collectors can come together in order to create a CREW Coin.

The holder of a Rank 9 X/DOJI CREW will be able to share a link to their CREW Coin as they make it, which will allow other people to fill in any of the spots that are missing on it. Each person who contributes tokens to the coin will get an equivalent amount of the rewards from it based on the amount of tokens they provide. Finally, the holders of the Rank 9 token will be the one to receive the minted CREW Coin as they hold the initiating token.

Verifying your CREW

Locking mechanisms are in place to prevent the queuing of multiple CREW Coins rapidly.

In order for this functionality to all work and function properly QuantumTECH has designed the systems to robustly validate the X/DOJI CREW holdings of each wallet, and the CREWs which have been created.

In order to prevent the creation of empty CREW Coins, or the repeat of multiple CREWs we have designed a backend system which pre-validates this information before providing the ability to mint the token. This process happens both, on and off chain allowing for an incredibly robust defense in depth approach to validating all the information coming in, playing to the strengths of these on and off chain tools.

When each CREW Coin is minted, a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is created of the combination of X/DOJI CREW used to create the CREW Coin in question. This data is stored in order to allow for the validation of it as a valid combination of tokens with ease. It is additionally tracked over time to make sure that this combination is not attempted a second time.

Along with tracking the SKU, each token is individually indexed in order to make sure that it hasn’t been used in another CREW before. This means that not only will the combinations of tokens be regularly tracked and updated, but additionally down to the specific tokens themselves.

The tokens which are used in this process are all locked for a period of time. This means that if you have gotten to the point of minting the token and queue a transaction, but cancel it you won’t be able to immediately use them. The reason for this is the fact that there is no way to directly confirm if this has been done or not. Allowing for the eventual refresh of the tokens status, and preventing people from attempting to exploit the creation system.

If the two previous pieces of information are checked against and there are no issues, then a valid signature is created from the back end system. This signature is then provided to the contract, along with the information required to properly mint the CREW Coin and send it to the correct user.

This system allows for an even simpler integration of the team minting of CREW Coins as well. As each token is so closely tracked the system can with ease identify the holder of the Rank 9 token, and then provide the exact information as to where to mint the token itself.

More interactive than ever

Creating your CREW Coin is as simple and easy as it could get.

This release has with it a high level of interactivity and changes compared to other mint pages and experiences QuantumTECH has released prior. This applies not only to the minting experience itself, but to the token itself as well.

Audio/visual experience

The interaction with the interface has become all the more richer with the introduction of audio cues and responses to the users interactions. The Quantum.TECH team has worked to provide a rich and dynamic audio experience as you are putting together your CREW Coin. This experience not only will apply to just the CREW Coin creation page, but can be expected with new interfaces we create, and additionally to see some of our older interfaces in the future get some upgrades as well.


This is something many QuantumTECH events have had, with automatic badge assignments to those who participated. However, we are taking this to another level with the use of BADGES for this drop. You will not only be able to see the details of each CREW member on the CREW Coin itself, but you will also be able to see which CREW a X/DOJI CREW is a part of through the badges that are automatically given to them once the CREW Coin is created.


The qFrames will additionally provide extra visibility and information directly within themselves as well. Alongside the ability to see the X/DOJI CREWs directly in the CREW Coin you can additionally click on each of the images themselves to pull up additionally information. This will tell you information about the token itself, the description of the token, and the current holder of the token itself.

This means even more dynamic and ever changing information about the CREW Coin can be used and shown directly on it. If a X/DOJI CREW in a CREW is revealed, it will be shown directly on the CREW Coin, and if one of them is sold or transferred you can see exactly where that member of the CREW has gone off to.



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